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This is where I blog about how I see my life and how I wish to create and experience it.


My point of origin is the system of thought that is called the Secret (also known as Concious Creation).


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Sonya Malinka Persson

I am at the very beginning of my journey living with the Secret. I come from a lifetime filled with mental illness and chaos in general. However; the Secret is not news to me. I have known about this for many years, and during the short times where I have been able to lift myself from my bipolar disorder, I have managed to create the smallest things for myself.

At this time, I have reached a rather high level of recovery and I am ready to start re-building my life into what I want it to be. The strategy for this is the Secret, and this blog is one of my tools to discuss all the thoughts and questions that I have, but also to manifest all that which I want for myself.

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The Secret

On the following links you can find more information on the law of attraction – also called the Secret or Concious Creation.


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