Before I begin, I only want to say – I am phobically scared of snakes. I have been for as long as I can remember, and aside from the obvious facts (no legs, dangerous, no bloody legs but hardcore muscle- and bodycontrol nonetheless etc), I have no idea of why.

With all that out of the way, let’s move on to what this post is really about. Yoga. I’ve had some really interesting experiences the last couple of days. Perhaps two weeks ago, I began my practise with inviting deities, personal guides/helpers, spirits and so on, to participate and contribute to what is currently my main goal with my yoga. It’s been crowded in my head, and everyone has done their part – even though I don’t really see what they’re all doing, I still feel they’re there.

Now, yesterday, for the very first time, the space where all these people show up was empty. I was at first flabbergasted – and then, then came the cat. It was one of my oldest guides, a black cat of unknown gender. This cat has no name, and it doesn’t need one. It showed me the movement of the Cat, how to stretch the muscles and so on. It was very interesting to experience.

And today, I was met by a bloody snake. A big one, onto that. Probably a cobra, I’m not sure because I didn’t really see it in full. But regardless of how scared I am of snakes out in the real world, I didn’t even feel uncomfortable. Not particularily friendly either, but at least not uncomfortable. Curious, however. Especially since I’ve been asking to see what I call  – the Snake people. Don’t ask me where I got that name from because I have no idea, but I’ve wanted to meet and learn from the Snake people, when it comes to movement.

Little did I know I’d be taught by a snake.

The main reason (why I am scared of) I wanted to learn from the Snake people (obviously the snake) is the amount of muscle and body control snakes possess. I mean, bloody hell. Look at them (althoug I prefer not to). They have no legs nor arms, yet they are in total control of their entire body. They can do things no human could ever dream of.

So, there are couple of things I am taking with me from today’s yoga practise. First of all – always be aaware of your entire body. Without that, no muscle of body control. Second, build your movement from the ground, upwards. Keep your core strong and active. And also – a movement through the body is like a ripple, a wave. It always starts somewhere, and probably not where one would think. Oh, and never to forget – intention come before the beginning of a movement.

These things may sound perfectly normal to you, but for me, it will take practise and hard work to get to the point where it comes naturally. I am grateful that I used to dance when I was a teenager (jazz, some latin (very little), belly dance (also very little)), because while all of these things are new to me, I still do have muscle memories of all of it. I just needed to be reminded – and now it’s up to me to incorporate it into my every day movement.

I’ve got to admit. These – I’d call them shamanic journeys, even though I’m not using drums (just silence during my practise), have so far proven very effective and informative. I am so pleased that I started my invitations before I actually begin my practise. Not to mention, I cannot really express or stress enough how grateful I am that all these spirits, guides, relatives, energies et cetera, show up to help me. I appreciate it beyond words.

I must admit that while I am likely going to stay phobic of snakes out in the real world, I am fascinated by what I learned today. One of my goals with the physical aspect of my yoga practise is to find body control and fluid movement. The way the snake presented it to me – I find it absolutely breathetakingly interesting. And with wave/ripple being one of the descriptive words, I also do relate it to water, and therefore, also emotions. Which is a bit odd, since my impression of snakes is that they don’t really feel anything. Not as we do, anyway.

I hope I get to spend time with more animals during my practises to come. It is really interesting to experience and learn from them – especially when it’s unexpected. But there are also other spirits I’d like to hang out with.

And just to put it all together – one thing I realized during today’s practise is that when you make yourself aware of movement and where it begins, the movement itself becomes completely different. It’s possible to go deeper into it, to transform it a bit – and everything just becomes very different.

Now, it may sound like I did a perfect practise today. Of course I didn’t. 😀 But here and there, I had these aha-moments. Like I said; it’s going to take practise to make a habit of this way of moving, and I think I am going to enjoy the challenge. In the end, I guess it’ll be like everything else – I’ll take what works for me and leave the rest.




This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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