There are three cards from a Tarot deck that inspires this post. I have never known balance – or, rather, I have never known balance to be stable over time. For the last few years, I’ve been more in balance than ever before, but that’s when it comes to mood. I want to expand the concept of balance and incorporate it into my life. Let me tell you how.

The Chariot, The Hierophant, The High Priestess/Spiral Tarot - and let's do it b/w because I like it!

The Chariot, The Hierophant, The High Priestess/Spiral Tarot – and let’s do it b/w because I like it!

So, this is a complex one. The Tarot cards I may refer to in this post, are the Priestess, the Chariot and the Hierophant. Let’s get into details, shall we?

The Priestess, to me, represents knowledge and understanding of the unseen. It means connection to the spirit world, and the knowledge of how to communicate this to others. I’d like to connect this card to the Hierophant, which is the beginning of connection. The Hierophant, to me, is a person who is deeply connected to both spirit and body, a person who channels the energy from both in two directions. Connect this card to the Chariot, who speaks to me of balance, and we got ourselves a pretty little threesome.

I want to be connected, both to the spirit world and the material world. I want to know and understand both worlds, and I want to balance between them. I want to be able to control my own direction, and I want to know what energies to draw upon to go where I want/need to go. Not to mention know what to do with them, once I’ve drawn them.

Balance is the keyword here. It is something I’ve been lacking my entire life, and something that needs to be worked on. I am no stranger to mood swings on the extreme, and I am no less a stranger to go really, really deep – and really high. But I am, in general, an either – or kind of person. I am either very good at something, or I’m not. I’ll either do something, or I won’t. I either am something, or I’m not. I either have something, or I don’t.

I rarely manage to find balance. Therefore, I think it would be a benefitial experience for me.

When I began this post, I was set on the Priestess only, but quickly realized that while I want all that wisdom, I want balance even more. And I suppose one could go even further than a Tarot deck – I could easily take a quick look at my horoscope that shows quite the imbalance between elements. I have an overload of water and fire with no earth whatsoever, and a little air/wind. I would highly enjoy finding a balance between the elements as well, just go get the experience if for no other reason.

Not related at all, but something I’ve come to think of for the last couple of days is something that isn’t really new, but a re-discovered insight. When I was younger, I had an enormous desire and need to fit in – which I never did. I struggled to find a lable to myself, a place which was mine. Unfortunately, that was out of my reach and I had to start searching for that which is me, without lable, without being part of something.

The insight that‘s resurfacing now is – I want no lable. I don’t want to be a witch. I don’t want to be a wicca. I don’t want to be a shaman.  I most certainly don’t want to be a LOA-person. Nor do I want to be a healer, nor a Reike master.

I don’t need a lable to have an identity – being me should be enough. I want to be me. Just me. Balanced. In control. Creative and innovative in the art of shaping my life. A woman extraordinaire.

And I’m getting there. Amazingly enough. ♥




This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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