I did what I said – another journey, just when I was done with the last post. This, I am writing just as I’ve come out of the journey. I didn’t intend to, but something happened to me that hasn’t happened before, and I had to put it into text as to not forget it.

In another journey maybe a week ago, I saw a face of a woman who looked like me, only very much older. I was given the name She Who Was Me, and as I understand it this being travels back and forh in time and embodies every life I ever lived. Even future lives.

She Who Was Me.

This in itself is worth mentioning, because I find it absolutely amazing to meet myself, but in another version (or maybe SWWM is just a mirror?).

What is also worth mentioning is that she brought me to a white room in a building of white stone – not much different from what is sometimes shown in the tv-series Star Trek (as alien villages). I was brought there on a light gray horse, through some kind of desert, I think. The horse threw me off, and I was then followed by the wolf pack I mentioned before, and the eagle who flew high up in the sky.

And then I got there, and forgot all about the way there when I entered that room.

Sitting on the floor in that room with She Who Was Me – wow. I said to her that I need help with these blockings, and she said Yes, we know. After taking a close look in the palms of my hands, she said that I need to do a fire ceremony. But I got the impression that instructions for this are due to a later occasion.

For some reason, I said I am scared. And she said Yes, we know. And then I started crying. Really, I sat here with my eyes closed, my head spinning when I was suddenly thrown deeper into the other world, and I cried. I could hear my dog throw herself at the front door (she doesn’t like it when I cry), and I told her in my mind to lie down. I think she did.

And for some reason, as I said that I was scared, everything turned brighter. She showed me my garden from a distance, and that too was brighter. Even surrounded by a forest, instead of the fog that was covering it so heavily before.

She also told me, very kindly, that I should go back and get some rest before we do any work on this matter. I promised I would get back tomorrow.

This whole thing has me in awe. I have met She Who Was Me. This time, she was younger, though. I am expecting to see her in various ages in journeys to come. I am very much looking forward to meeting her again. I felt like I could be honest about one of the things I am most afraid of – my emotions. That’s worth a lot to me.

No journey is ever the same, are they? 🙂 This one was not like any other I’ve done so far. I find it extremely interesting. And I cannot wait to do the next one, and hopefully learning more.


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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