Who gets the subject line of this post? 😀 Follow the white rabbit. Anyone who has seen the Matrix knows exactly what it means. If you haven’t seen the movie, please do, because although it is an action movie it does deal with extremely interesting theories on projecting your mental experience into reality.

I decided to make another journey today (came out of it only few minutes ago, actually). Today, I had a clear purpose and I decided to approach the entrance a little. It worked wonders, and that is also where the white rabbit came in.

My approach today was to just start walking as soon as the drumming began, in the dark, just walking. So I did. My intention was to start building protection for myself. Spiritual protection against ill intentions towards me. I’ve done this before, but it was so many years ago and my bipolar disorder has consumed me abundantly since then, so it was time to do it again. I wanted to find a large space somewhere in the nonordinary world to start doing this, and when walking in that darkness the white rabbit just showed up and jumped ahead of me.

And my first thought was – follow the white rabbit.

When I asked, it turns out that this little white rabbit actually is one of my spirit animals. Seems like he is my guide in the nonordinary world; as in showing me the way to go. I couldn’t help but get a huge, wide smile all over my face.

So, I found myself a large spot – the size of a tennis court or something, surrounded by a very dark forest. Once there, I found myself in the company of a really large deer. He had no other purpose than to watch, actually. I don’t think he’s one of my spirit animals, but I suppose he was curious.

When I did this as a young woman, I created an energy field around me that pretty much looked like a hedgehog. I didn’t want to do that today, but a much, much larger energy field (the size of that tennis court). Once I got started, I came up with the idea that I should make this energy field work as a mirror.

Should anyone approach me with foul intentions, this energy will reflect the worst aspects of that person, right back at them. I have no idea if this will work, and if it does work, how it will work. But I figured that this should make people think twice before making a bad move. I don’t want to harm anyone energetically (or otherwise), but neither do I want to be harmed myself.

I’m not done with this. But I have begun, and I will keep working on it. I want to extend this to cover my home and everything in it, including the physical animals that I share my life with (two cats and a dog, if anyone’s interested).

Oh, and speaking of dogs. When I was working this energy field, I was introduced to a pack of wolves. They will be guarding my energy field. Can it be more awesome than that – really? I am so very honoured. I don’t anyone would enjoy being met by a pack of wolves growling and staring, showing their teeth.

Lots of other things happened on this journey. Among other, I met the first spirit guide I encountered again. I never told you who he is – he is an eagle. He is huge, wild and beautiful, and very, very calm. Oh, and I was also shoved off a cliff into the ocean where I swam around for a while. Shoved off by my spirit animals – but they wanted me to let go of something. Not sure of what yet, but I’m sure that’ll come to me eventually.

Before I started this journey today, I realized that there is so much work to be done. And that’s for me personally. My intention for my shamanic work is for personal use. I don’t want to “be a shaman”. I want to do this for my own personal growth and life. And being who I am, having what I have behind me and in me, that will take a lot of work, just to get started.

Lucky me, I am already enjoying this immensely. I mean, really. The transformation this whole shaman thing is for me, is gigantic. And everything that I think of, creates ripples and I associate and learn wider and wider all the time.

Having dabbled in numerous spiritual and new age paths, I am lucky to say that I finally found my path. Shamanism, for me, contains everything that feels important to me, and I can choose and create my way of practising shamanism exactly to my liking. For example; even if not outspoken, shamanism does include the law of attraction – but it is performed in a slightly different way.

So – thank you. I will honour myself and my spirit animals, always.


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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