That’s my middle name. Really. When I’ve decided I want to do something, I usually want to have done it yesterday or the day before. I’m not good at waiting. On the subject of learning and practising shamanism, I have little choice, however. But that’s fine – I actually am getting better at being patient.

But impatience also hold hands with cheatingly start before the books I ordered has arrived. A couple of posts ago I wrote that I’d done a small drum journey, but had to end it even before it really started (for some reason I don’t even remember now). It got me very curious, though, and I’ve actually made another. A whole one.

Since it’s been a while since I did anything of the sorts – I’ve mainly dabbled in tarot and astrology, as well as in the use of energy. Not necessarily healing, so much, but still. So – none of this is that new to me. But it’s been many years, and drum journeying specifically is totally new to me. That’s why it was such an interesting experience. Mainly so, to learn how the communication is done with a power animal.

I cannot possibly be the only one recieving images to associate freely from. That’s what happened, you see. I joined with the power animal I met very, very briefily on my first journey (a split second), and although I didn’t really have a question but only wanted to hang out and get to know each other, I did recieve information. I find it highly interesting how it was done, and the sense of… I would say lack of emotion, but that’s not entirely correct.

Rather; my power animal not putting any human value into what was communicated. More a sense of; this is how it is – end of story. Nothing more said, thought, felt, no more nothing. Just that. And also – no feeling of my power animal being some kind of higher being in the role of a teacher. No, just someone showing me a direction, and it’s up to me what I do with it. Amazing.

As for the associations… I was given images of certain things, which got me thinking and associating with other things, and that in turn got me thinking even more and realizing certain things that are quite applicable on my (anyones, really) life. The process in general was very quick.

As a fun note, I have to say that my power animal is not even remotely close to what I could ever have imagined. It’s something so far from me, it’s almost ridiculous. Before I started, I thought about if it would maybe be a snake (I have a rather severe phobia of snakes) and what I would think/feel about that. But no, something totally different. I would never in my life have guessed. And yet, once revealed, it feels so natural.

Another thing I felt was very interesting was the fact that none of the landscaping described in the lead drum journey I followed was seen in my journey. I went somewhere completely different. That is so very typical me. I’ll go and do everywhere and nothing anyone else is. I tend to find my own way and follow it quite strictly.

So, aside from the fact I’ve slept insanely bad for the last week or so (hence, am really, really tired all the time), and the fact that today is the 2 years anniversery of my dad’s death, I am very excited about all this. I can’t wait to recieve the books I’ve ordered (ordered couple of more, just because I could), so I can get started properly. I have every intention of doing this my own way, but the books are needed to show me what can be done.

Haha, I can’t stop thinking that I’m so bloody pleased with all this. There can come only good from this. ♥


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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