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More gratitude, 180904

All right, so I’ve slept and had at least half a day up since I wrote last post of gratitude. I just realized one more thing for which I am highly grateful, so this post will be about that, and that alone. Namely; freedom of choice.

Yesterday I wrote another blog post on Mymakeup.se (my blog in Swedish, about beauty 40+ and make up) about how I prefer to shop make up, especially eye shadows. I prefer to build my own palettes, because it gives me the opportunity to choose the exact shades that I want for my palette (I am very picky).

I get to choose!

It’s as simple as that. And only few minutes ago, one of my best friends showed me a palette she wants to get, and I could only think about the one that I intend to buy next – choosing the exact shades that I want. And I realized that YES! Yes – I want to choose. I can choose. I don’t have to get a palette someone else made, I can get exactly what I want.

It feels somehow silly to realize stuff like this from make up, of all things, but there you have it.

I can choose anything that I want. That I, personally, want. I don’t have to do or get anything that someone else thinks I should have, do or get. I can have anything that I want.

Realizing this, made me realize that this goes for everything. And it’s funny, because when it comes to politics, I am liberal. I enjoy the idea of freedom of choice when it comes to everything. My liberal views do come from the law of attraction, at least to some degree, and now my idea of LOA comes back from politics.

So – I am immensely grateful for this freedom of choice. Working with the law of attraction seems like a neverending story, sometimes, but I really do appreciate even the smallest insights that I get – like this one.

I think that the concept of freedom of choice is the best thing – ever. And the best thing with it is that my freedom of choice doesn’t effect yours, and vice versa.

Sometimes, we may even choose the same thing and get to interact.

Isn’t that amazing!? 🙂


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