I’m sorry for the lack of blogging during the summer. Sweden’s had its hottest summer for about 260 years – it’s been disgusting. I don’t deal well with normal summer heat, and this summer, all my time and energy has gone towards surviving from the moment I wake up til the moment I fall asleep. Now, however, we’re back to normal summer temperatures, and both body and mind are slowly returning to normal functioning.

I have written before on how important the concept of beauty is to me. Now that I am starting to think properly (on stuff other than how to survive extreme summer heat) again, I notice a tendency to focus on my own beauty. I mean this both in the very superficial way and on the inner beauty I have.

The point of origin from which one starts the journey with the law of attraction does changes every day. However; there is a general point of origin, and mine is rather low. I’ve been pretty much to the bottom of everything, and where I am at presently would most likely be considered rather low to most people.

But; I’ve got to start somewhere. And where better than to find beauty within myself? I like beauty. I enjoy beauty. Beauty as such can be percieved in so many different ways, and I dare say that mine is one of a kind. Not more or better than anyone else’s – just… mine.

So my goal when it comes to my own beauty, at present, is to connect the outside to the inside. To level my superficial beauty to the beauty within. I’m quite sure that at least some of my best friends would say it already is, but I won’t be satisfied until I feel that these two sides of me mirror each other.

And I’m only interested in finding this beauty within myself. I want to find it, connect the parts, and then find someone to share it with.

Bloody hell.

Who’d have thought I’d say that? Find someone to share it with. Pardon my language (no, not really 😀 ), but that’s a first, I think. I never really thought about it that way before. Sharing myself with someone else. But it is indeed one way of looking at it.

All right, then… let’s get started! 🙂


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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