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Manifesting without realizing

All right, so I am spending most of my time coping with the excessive heat in Sweden at the moment – I said so earlier. It demands all my attention and energy, which is why the blog, unfortunately, has suffered. But the last couple of days has in many ways been crazy, and I feel the need to share my creations with you.

I am one of the few(er) people who don’t deal very well with heat. I’ve told you this before as well. It is way above recommended temperatures in my apartment (as in every other apartment/house/building in the whole country), and I am slowly but surely falling apart. My brain activity slows down to almost nothing, and my entire focus is directed at keeping my body as cool as possible, and let me tell you – that’s hard work. Add to that, also caring for my beautiful two cats and lovely dog that I share my life with, in this heat.

So, few days ago I was on the phone with a very good friend of mine. We spoke of the heat, and all of a sudden I decided that NO! I refuse to live like this any longer. I have to have an air condition. The floor fans I have doesn’t do much good other than moving the (very hot) air around – nothing really gets cooler.


With my financial situation, I figured that there’s no way I can get an air condition by myself, unless I wanted to be broke for at least a month. So I did what I usually do these days when I really need something; I asked Facebook. I asked on my timeline if anyone wanted to help me get the money to buy an AC.

And bloody hell – people did pay up!!!

In fact; it ended with me being able to get myself two AC’s, cheaper, for sure, but still – and then there were money left so I could invest in some other smaller things I’ve wanted for a while.

Now, I don’t really care where the money comes from. I don’t care if I have to ask on Facebook for people to be generous. The only thing that I care about is that I get what I want and/or need. In this case, I am ever so grateful for the generosity shown to me and my pets.

The funny thing is – let’s see if I can find the trail of thought I had a moment ago. The funny thing is that when I ask and have the thought that I am getting this, no matter the cost – that’s when I usually get response. And that’s exactly what I had in mind this time. The idea of having AC in my home was such a relief in itself, that the idea of not having it didn’t even exist.

In all honesty, it’s not here yet. I had a plan to buy in store in the town where I live, but the specific one I’d decided on was out of stock and not to return until November (!). Every AC to be found was way more expensive than I could afford with the money I got, so it ended up with me ordering online. It’ll take a week or so before I actually have it here, but at least the idea of it makes it easier for me coping with the present heat.

It wasn’t really until yesterday or today – I mix up days due to my backwards sleeping habits, that I realized that I created this. I made it happen – and that’s bloody awesome. And then I also realized that even if I have what would be considered very little money, I spend way more than that, because for some reason, things always work out for me these days. I always get what I want.

One could be grateful for much less.


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