It’s been a while since I spent a whole post on gratitude, so I figured I’d do that today. Today, specifically, there are plenty of things being grateful for. For some weird, odd reason, actually – I have no idea of why, but it does. So here goes… 🙂

First of all, I slept longer than I have for days and days. It was so nice, and I’ve actually been in quite a good mood all day. I don’t know why, because this is like any other day, but I am very grateful for it. Especially since this is my time for pms – and I’m wondering if I should focus on my pms to be the best time of the month instead of vice versa. No matter which – I am grateful for the good mood I’ve been in/am in today, and I hope it continues.

I am also so very grateful for a good friend of mine – we’d decided to go down town together today, since we both had errands to run. When on the phone, none of us wanted to, but we ended up going anyway. This means that I got to refill my stock of loose tea, and my stock of medicin (for my bipolar disorder). Since I drink quite a lot of tea, this was absolutely awesome. I bought more than I intended – but what the heck. I’ll drink all of it, and what I didn’t buy today I’d have bought another day anyway. ♥

As weird as it may sound, I am also very grateful for the very same friend from another perspective. I gave away two of my tunics to her, which gives me mental and physical space to make two new ones for myself – since I wasn’t 100% pleased with these two, but she is most likey going to love them. It’s absolutely perfect! ♥

Oh, and yesterday, I went to see my lymphtherapeut to measure my lower legs for new compression socks. I have lymphoedema, so I need compression every day. The socks I already have are old and way overdue, so I am so extremely pleased that I got around to go see my therapeut. New compression socks should, hopefully, arrive next week. Yay me! 😀

There’s also the issue about the weather. The last couple of days has been considerably cooler, and today, it’s been raining. About twenty degrees cooler and rain – how amazing can it be!? I absolutely love this weather. The temperature in my kitchen has fallen about ten degrees – and you have no idea of how much that does for pretty much everything that has to do with my wellbeing. That could be one of the reasons for my good mood today, come to think about it.

Haha, and another thing… the other day, I found a box with bags of powder for weightloss. It’s been in my cupboard for years, since the days I thought I’d loose weight and stay there, on powder. I’ve learnt since then, that that’s not going to happen. The only way for me to loose weight is to eat properly (LCHF) and work on my sugar addiction issues.

So – there’s my gratitude for today! 🙂

I am loving it! ♥ ♥ ♥


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