Sometimes, I can’t really do much else but roll my eyes and giggle at how stupid I am. I don’t mean to say that I actually am stupid, but that I really am the one and only obstacle that stops me from moving forward and making progress. I’ll explain what I mean below.

I’ve began writing numerous posts today, not being able to finish them. Partly because there are so many thoughts rushing through my head right now, partly because I’m not really sure of what I want when it comes to certain things, and again, partly because I don’t know if I want them in a specific order or…

Well, as you can see, there are too many questions to be answered – and that’s what being stupid.

It is actually quite amusing that I make this so hard for myself, when it shouldn’t have to be. I believe I have come far enough to reach the actual doing (ie; actually creating/manifesting) after having spent months thinking on various aspects of it.

So then why don’t I?

Because it seems like I have some very deep, built-in need to question things. It’s like I need to have some kind of obstacle to hide behind. And when I realized that, it seems like such a ridiculous idea – why would I want to stop myself from enjoying life, getting all that which I want?

It’s really worth the hashtag #eyeroll.

One of the reasons I have so many questions might, however, be because I haven’t done this on the level I intend to do it, before. I am going to manifest rather hardcore changes into my life, and this I never did before. I’ve created smaller things before, but what I am expecting now is… huge.

One question that I have – just to give an example of it, if wether or not it’s better to manifest in smaller steps, since the gap between the now and what I really want is so big. As a metaphore; is it better to move slowly rather than going from cottage to castle, so to speak? Is it reasonable to believe that I could get absolutely everything that I want in this moment (and that’s a lot, let me tell you), or should I expect less of myself just to be sure that I get it?

These are the kinds of thoughts that I get stuck with, and then I get nowhere at all because I can’t stop wondering. It’s annoying, and at the same time hilariously ridiculous.

And at other times, I wonder if I should ignore everything I think I want and just focus on being happy. No more, no less – only happy. Maybe that’s the absolutely easiest way of getting anywhere.

I don’t know.

And then again, other times, I think that I should just play around with this whole thing. It’s not like I got anything better to do – what else, and what better to fill my time with, than playing around with the law of attraction? 🙂

So very many questions. And no bloody idea of what the heck to focus on. 😀 No wonder I feel like I am getting nowhere.

Lucky me I know I’ll get it right in the end. ♥


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