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Storytelling; me and my money

All right, so let’s keep doing this fun thing of telling new stories about myself – the stories I like to take over where the old ones end, which is right now, at this very moment. This time, I am going to re-write the story about me and my money.

The old story is that I never have enough money. This has been true for me for quite a number of years. It doesn’t really matter where this idea comes from, but it has had a strong hold in my mind for many, many years. There have been short periods of my life where I’ve actually had enough, but I’m not sure of how I managed to do that, really. 😀

However – enough with the old and in with the new story! 🙂

I want to be a generous person. Or, I am a rather generous person, but I want to be more generous. I want to raise the level of generousity to a very large extent, so that I can give money or buy things for people I want to give something, and to social causes that I think are important. Compared to most people who give money to other people, I would like to focus my social charity towards animals, both wild and domesticated. I already have a number of organisations I intend to give large sums of money to. The thought of that makes me feel really, really good, actually.

Another thing that makes me feel good is spending money. I love spending money. The funny thing is, that even though there are rests of old pattern of thoughts in my mind that I never have enough, I have still managed to do some rather extensive shopping for quite a long time. That, to me, indicates that I am changing my idea of money, and that in turn is drawing money into my life. That’s kinda cool, actually.

In all honesty, it’s not the money as a concept that’s the interesting part. What’s really interesting is what can be done with the money. And that’s really what I want – to be able to do good stuff, both for myself and for others. I want to be able to be spontaneous in when and what I do any shopping. I want to be able to not plan months ahead before making a purchace that anyone else can do spontaneously; I want that spontanity to be mine as well.

Haha, I notice that I tend to forget about myself, and put all my focus on what I’d like to do for others. I want to focus on myself as well, of course. And I intend to live a really good life – starting, of course, with things that I like. I want to constantly have the freedom of choice in what I want to do, where I want to live, who I want to buy presents for, which organizations I like to help and with how much money I like to share, and I want the flow of money to be constant. Like a river that never ever dries.

I have no idea of how this will come true, but that doesn’t really matter, now does it!? That’s the beautiful part, I’d say. I don’t need to know how it’s going to work out – I just need to trust that it will.

The other day I spent some time looking at different dog breeds. There is one in particular that I want to share my life with, but they are rare to find in Sweden, and it seems such hard work importing. However; when I sat there looking at other breeds to see if there’s anyone I can accept instead – all of a sudden, the thought came up in my head that NO!

Why should I settle for second best when I can actually have everything that I want, and more!? Really? I want one or two or three large, dark males of this breed of dogs, and so I am going to have them.There really is nothing to discuss – I refuse to feel limited by money or anything else. No more!

Haha, sorry, I got lost there for a second – but in short; I want to be a person who has no limits when it comes to money. I want to be a source of money, I want money to be my freedom of choice, I want to be generous to both myself and others. I want to spend money, eat well, live beautifully, share my life with dogs and cats and pygmé goats (they are way too cute for their own good, really), I want to travel – I want all the good that comes with and from money.

There you have it – I want to be a source of pure abundance! ♥


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