All right, so I’ve had a great day. Not in the way of less heat or that a lot of superfun stuff has been going on – but there are three highlights of today that really, really made my day glow. And all of it is the result of the law of attraction – and I am going to tell you all about it.

The first good thing that happened today was that the post had arrived while I was asleep. Today, I recieved two envelopes with very good information in each. One told me that I’ve been granted fund money – which is a very welcome addition to my finances. I am going to spoil myself rotten with it.

The other envelop, however, is what really made me happy. In Sweden, there’s something that we call “god man” – which does not translate into “good man”, as one might think. It’s a service provided by the state, and consists of a person helping someone in need to (for example) pay bills, apply for fund money, tidy up someone’s debts, et cetera. Most of it has to do with money. Now, I re-applied for one of these people in november after a long and hard fight with the authorities.

What was in this specific envelope were copies of the paper sent to the person I want to help me with my financial situation. It’s a question wether this person wants to do this, and a last day for this person to reply.

Just the fact that they have listened to what I’ve said about who I want, specifically, is worth celebrating. The fact that they asked this person is worth celebrating even more. When this person responds positively, it’ll be worth one hell of a celebration. And having this specific person, who has a great attitude towards people with a diagnos, means that a whole new world is opening up for me. It’s a gigantic step towards reaching what I want, and for that I am so overly, stupidly grateful that there are no words to express it even remotely enough.

Now, days like this is what I want more of. I want that happy-happy flutter in my belly. I want to feel sooo good about my life taking a positive turn. I bloody deserve this. And this is, I’d say, what it feels like when manifestations actually manifest. Some of them take a little longer, obviously, but then again – I started this last one about a year ago, but back then I wasn’t aware the way I am now. So – it took some time. But now, I’m almost there with this specific manifestation, and I am overjoyed with pleasure and gratitude for the opportunity of recieving help with what I need help for.

From having been on the bottom of the bottom of the bottom, I am step by step standing up straight and filling myself with power. It’s such an amazing feeling,  really.

The point of origin where I’m at right at this very moment, is far, far away from the point of origin I was at yesterday. For every step I take, I leave what’s behind me – behind me, and allow myself to take another step forward. From an abstract point of view, this is so very clear to me. It’s also absolutely amazing. The transformation from a very passive person accepting all the shit coming her way, I am now, step by step, becoming a person who dares to take control by using my mind to create the life that I want.

I mean, seriously – how bloody cool is that?

It’s bloody fucking amazing, if you ask me. And since I own this blog, I can write whatever I please here. Accept it, or don’t. 😀

Have a wonderful, beatutiful day, peeps. See you on the other side of my sleep! ♥


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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