It is not unusual for me to hear/read a line of something, and that little something resonates stronger with me than an entire book. One of these things is the concept of telling a new story. I’ll tell you what I find so interesting about it.

The old story is what you (I) have right now, at this very moment, and everything there is behind it. Every choice, every thought, every thing I did or did not do, belongs to the old story. For me, at this very moment where I am at this rather high level of recovery from my bipolar disorder, the old means boring. I am beginning to ache for change, and this blog is part of my search for a way to produce that change.

So, one way of doing this would be to describe myself and my life as a story – and another story than the one being told in this very moment. If what I think about right now is creating my tomorrow, then the step to describing my life the way I want it as a story isn’t that far fetched.

Much of my old story is filled with negative and destructive value. I can’t remember for how long I’ve been saying that my parents should never have had children (ie; me) together. My mother should never have had any children at all. Now – what does this say about me? And how I view myself and my value?

One of the things I can do to change that is to agree that I was borne. There’s no need to value my birth as good or as bad at all – I was borne, that’s it. If I want to put any value to it, I can always decide (!) to feel grateful that I was given the opportunity to enter this body and this life through the assistance of my parents.

Now; the process of removing negations and replacing them with positive ones is more of what I’d say belongs in therapy. And the looking-back doesn’t really belong in the creative process of the law of attraction. These are two completely different ways to think and evolve – equally important, but very different. Not necessarily well combined, either, as one of them consists of looking back and the other by looking forward.

I loved my father very highly, and for that reason alone I don’t really enjoy saying this, but the fact is – with both my parents dead and gone, I am now free to be whatever I please without any influence whatsoever from either of them. Despite the fact that I miss my father, I am feeling rather exhilarated that I am free to be me.

I no longer need to adapt to someone else’s view of how life should be lived or how I should be as a human being.


That’s really something, isn’t it? ♥

So – if I think about myself as an unwritten page in a so far unwritten book, things seem to get somewhat easier for me. I guess I could also compare it to a photographer (since that’s what I am very good at), having a frame to fill with whatever I please. Or a painter with a white sheet in front of her.

It’s a nothingness waiting to be filled with content. A newly started account on any social media. 😀 Obviously, there are many, many metaphors… 😀

I think that I may be on to something here. The telling of a new story seems like such a pleasant way of doing this. No matter which metaphor you use, I like the concept. I think I am going to implement this in one way or another. Not sure of exactly how yet, but it seems like such a pleasant activity.

I don’t remember exactly where I read this line about telling a new story – but I am very grateful that I did. There were a few things in the Law of attraction-book that resonates very well with me, so I’ll grab a hold of these things and keep working with them.


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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