So, I finished the Abraham Hicks book Law of Attraction just now. I also drew another card from the Abraham deck of cards I bought. The short text on the card says “My Thought Manifestations Enjoy a Buffer of Time”.

My Thought Manifestations Enjoy a Buffer of Time

While I am sometimes impatient as a child and want my manifestations to manifest nownownow instead of tomorrow or next week or month or year, I still appreciate the fact that manifestations can sometimes take time. It gives the opportunity for greater clarity in what I want, and it gives me the chance to change my thoughts about a specific thing in case i’d like to change something.

What I really want to spend time on today, however, is the subject of segmenting my day and time. Now that I read the whole book, I understand some of the cards better – which I appreciate and am grateful for. And the concept of segmenting time seems quite practical. Reminds me quite strongly about writing lists about what to do. It’s not even remotely close to the same thing, but there’s still a reminiscence.

So, in short – segmenting means pretty much that you split your day into shorter periods of time, into which you enter with a very specific intention. To keep it even shorter I guess one could say that segmenting the day (or time in general) means having clear intentions about what you wish to achieve.

For example; a dog walk would be a very clear segment for me and my dog. I can either take a walk with her, not caring much about what’s going on and then anything can happen – good or bad, OR – I can have the intention that our walk together will be very pleasant, that the meeting with other dogs and their people will be smooth, et cetera. Intention does make all the difference in the world.

I actually think that I am going to spend some time segmenting some of my really greater goals, so it’ll be easier for me to focus energy and shape my intentions. I won’t do it now at this very moment, because I am so stupidly tired. But I’ll write another post about it later.

There are so many things that I am working on to change. Most of them has to do with how I think, and not so much what I think about (manifestation-wise, that is). There are so many patterns in my way of thinking that seems quite unwilling to go somewhere else. It’s quite annoying, actually. But then again; it could also be that I haven’t found a way to think about things, that actually work for me. In the book, there’s at one point being said that one can think of wanting and allowing as wanting and expecting, and both ways of expressing rings a bell for me.

I think that the major thing that keeps me from moving forward in any speed right now is actually the summer and the heat. I have for as long as I can remember, been rather roughly affected by heat. I loose the ability to think properly – there are thick layers of fat cotton covering my mind. Both body and mind are affected negatively, and even if I understand intellectually that I can change my perception and experience of this by how I think about it, I haven’t managed to do it yet.

Now, I am going to segment myself into some good sleep. I really need it. After that, I’ll see if I can come up with some good thoughts about segmenting my future within a time limit. Until then – have a nice day, or sleep well, you too! ♥


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