I chose one of the cards from my Abraham Hicks deck of cards, this morning, before I went to bed. This one boils it down to the core, and it’s exactly at the point where I am at. I’ve somehow felt that I’ve come quite a bit, but I realize that I am not even remotely close to be where I want to be.

I Can Chance My Life by Changing My Thoughts

This text goes right to the core at what is one of my “problems”. I work very hard to redirect my thoughts from my previous patterns, which, in general, throughout my whole life, has been very negative and destructive. Maybe I need to go back to basics (working with selfimage et cetera) to make better progress – I don’t really know how to approach this in a way that benefits me in the long run.

Don’t misunderstand me, though. I am not displeased with what I’ve done so far. Every bit that I do gets me closer to my goals, so I am not at all unhappy. I just want to find a way to expand a bit quicker, that’s all.


There’s also text on the back of these cards. On this specific card, the back says

By choosing a thought that feels slightly better than the thoughts you have been thinking, you can gradually change the direction of your thoughts. By focusing upon a better-feeling thought, the Law of attraction will respons to that thought and therefore the balance of your thoughts will now improve.

Ha – sometimes I wonder if I overthink everything that has to do with the law of attraction. I am fairly well educated on university level, and what’s done at that level is theorizing. You theorize and theorize until there’s nothing less to theorize about, and then you theorize some more. One always asks questions, only to ask some more. And – I am very well aware of the fact that I do theorize and ask too many questions that are or are not relevant to the actual doing when it comes to the law of attraction.

So – the good thing is that I can expand my being one thought at the time. I don’t have to do it all at once. The backside of it is that it’ll take longer before I am ready and in an accepting and recieving mode. But then again; I sometimes forget that what’s going on inbetween, is life. And since life is what I am here for, there’s nothing wrong with experiencing it while I am here. The law of attraction works its magic no matter what.

I’m not really sure of why I am in such a whiny mode today. The general feeling I have is “if only I could work this faster” – and there’s really no point in that thought. At all. Sure, it works as fast as I can create it, and sure, if I got rid of all the resistance, it’d be faster – but it is happening, no matter what.

And for that matter, the idea of resistance is an interesting one. The only thing that stops me from getting what I want, is me. That’s the only thing standing in my way. The frustration of that can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s so stupid, really. Why would I want to stop myself from getting all the good stuff?

I don’t think that my biggest problem is expressing what I want. I think that my biggest problem is allowing it to happen. To let go of resistance and open up for accepting, allowing and recieving.

And then again, I can’t really help but compare myself and the things that I want, to what I see other people manifest (in Facebook groups). The things that I want are rather large changes from one point of origin to another – to say the least. And I keep wondering if I’m asking too much of myself – but I don’t really accept that.

What I do accept, though, is the fact that some of the things that I want may take a little longer than others. Why? Because my point of origin, compared to the result that I want, are very far apart. There’s a whole shitload of thoughts inbetween, that may need to be thought, chewed and spit out couple of times, before it actually manifests.

And it’s all that inbetween time that I wish would pass by faster. Can I somehow speed it up? 😀


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