I love the Internet. I also hate the Internet. Might seem contradictory, but it’s true. I love the fact you have access to pretty much anything you want. I also hate the fact that you have access to everything you don’t really want.

There are so many weird things going on, and I am beginning to feel that I don’t want to be influenced by all the negativity going on in social media. I love the fact it’s so easy to share information with many people at once, but the information being shared is ever so often of a very negative, destructive nature. And I find it’s hard to shield myself from it and how it makes me feel.

For example; presently there are a number of very large fires in the forests surrounding the small town where I grew up. While I personally don’t have anything to worry about, the thoughts of it are still there, nagging at the outer edges of my mind. I’m not worried at all, just a bit sad for the forests that suffered another very large fire few years ago. I don’t think the ground had recovered yet, and now it’s on fire again. This is a direct result of the weather; the earth is so dry you only have to look at it and a fire starts burning.

And it… I’m not sure of how to put it, but it somehow scares me – although that’s not the right way to put it either… it concerns me, how so many people co-creates something so terrible, and how so many people lets it affect them in so many ways.

I don’t know what it’s like for you guys, who read my blog – what does your Facebook and other social media feeds look like? Mine is filled with people sharing articles about various kinds of opression (racism, sexism, socialism etc). Not too much happy-happy. But then, on the other hand, there are those who fill their Facebook walls with only happy-happy, which gets rather tiresome as well.

There’s no bloody balance. 😀

So – for the first time in a long while, I just now thought that maybe I should quiet social media for a bit. Not forever, and not to close any accounts – but just… not be there. Just to focus on the good stuff, not being influenced to such a degree by other peoples’ perception of the world and what’s in it.

I haven’t decided yet, and it may very well end up with me just not reading so much on Facebook. We’ll see. But I do want to reduce the influence of how other people percieve the world, when it’s more negative and destructive than anything else.

It does make me wonder if it’ll ever be possible to make the masses of people change their mind and start thinking differently. The way we think, we humans, is, I believe, very deeply settled in our minds. It won’t change overnight, and most people are very likely to be reluctant and unwilling. Much like myself, at times.

But then again; I don’t really see it as my job to make people change their minds. There are other people who can do that. My job is to make my life amazing.

And with that, I’ll shift focus towards the gratitude I intend to express today.

I am so very grateful for the money I am going to recieve from somewhere, that will enable me to get myself an air conditioner for my apartment. That’ll give me the chance to be cool on warm summer days, which I am going to appreciate so very, very much.

I am also very grateful for the SPF 50 I got today, so I can be in the sun and still protect my beautiful tattoos – and the rest of my skin, of course. I’ve been planning on getting it for quite a while, and now I finally have it. So yay me for prioritizing it, finally! 😀

Another thing I feel very grateful for is the fact that I do have compression for my lymphoedema which I have in my lower legs. Without the compression, I’d be so swollen these warm summer days. It sucks having to wear thick socks up to the knee when it’s hot, but I’d rather do that than not, to be honest with you.

Ok – so that’s that for today, I think. Have a great evening (or day), and I shall see you again soon enough! 🙂


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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