I have a dog (I might have mentioned this before). She’s a German Shepherd, if anyone’s interested, bred by Swedish defence. Due to this, she’s not anything near a “normal” dog. I’d say that out relationship is based on energy and love more than anything else, to be honest. This, I learnt from Cesar Milan, whose tv-shows I’ve watched since long before Ella (the dog) entered my life.


One of the things Cesar Milan teaches dog owners is the importance of intention. If your dog does this or that which you don’t want, you need to approach the dog with a clear intention of what you do want. The intention equals a “rocket of energy”, one might say.

It sounds so simple put like that, doesn’t it? 🙂

Now, this is pretty much exactly as how I percieve the law of attraction, actually. Abraham speaks of rockets of intentions, and as I understand it, it’s pretty much exactly what Cesar Milan preaches when it comes to handling dogs. It makes it much easier for me to understand when I can compare it to something that I already know (and if I don’t misrecall, it was the other way around when I understood what Milan meant).

So, as I percieve it, what needs to be done is to have intention, in short. I sometimes get confused as to wether to ask or to tell what I want. Everyone keeps saying to ask, but if I think about it as intention, it’s more like telling what I want. I suppose it doesn’t really matter what words one uses to describe it, as long as that intention is used, that the rocket of energy is sent. I could compare it to so many things; like directing a theatre play or a movie, stageing a photograh, painting a picture, writing a book…


I notice that it’s quite the shift in my pattern of thought that I need to do. I am going from being so deep in my bipolar disorder, with such a hardcore focus on all that’s negative, that it seems like it’s going to take forever to shift that focus from a constant negative to a constant positive. That’s a bit annoying, but as with everything else I learnt in my personal growth is that it’s all right if things take time. It’s part of life, and life is what I’m here for – so why rush!? (Although I am very impatient, so it stings to say that… )

Another thing that I am beginning to realize – and it doesn’t really matter if I could do things differently, the question is weather I believe it’s possible. And, to make the journey pleasant and so that my mind can keep up, I think it might actually be a good idea to take things a bit slower than I’d like. Maybe I don’t need or even want my life to make a 100% turn in a second. After all, I am here to experience being human, limited by the physical laws of this world et cetera. And while I intend to, in the end, be a master (mistress, mind you) at this, I don’t need to be a mistress at it by tonight.

All right, so let’s move on to a little bit of gratitude before I hit the bed. Sun’s coming up, so it’s about time. And today, I am directing my gratitude towards nights, actually. It is at night that I am most awake, most philosophical, most in my accepting and recieving mode. I have no idea of why this is, but I am. And for this, I am grateful. I like spending time thinking about this, understanding more and more of how things work. I enjoy learning and I enjoy expanding.

I have also enjoyed the weather immensely for the last couple of days. The temperature has been just about right, it’s been windy, and absolutely wonderful. It’s been absolutely beautiful to be almost freezing – I love it!

I am also appreciating the fact that my thoughts concerning money is beginning to shift. From constantly feeling that I never have enough, I am beginning to feel that I always get more of it. This is absolutely amazing, since it means that I can always get what I want. My point of origin is rather low, so I’m guessing it’ll take a while until I reach the level where I want to be – but that’s fine. I’m getting there, and that’s all that matters.

And I really enjoy letting myself go to bed – so goodnight! ♥


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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