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Phew. What a day. It’s warmer than ever and today, I lived through the manifestation I wrote about couple of weeks back. And now that it’s done, I dare tell you what it was all about. An old acquaintance of mine working in the wedding business got married. She and her now husband wanted to keep it a secret until it was done, so I didn’t want to ruin their special day by gossipping about it beforehand.

Lucky for us, all three of us survived the heat during the photography session, and I think we all had lots of fun. It’s been a while for me, so I felt a bit rusty, but I think I managed to get some really nice shots of the two of them. It’s nice to see that I still have the eye and skill for it.

So today, I am feeling very grateful for a number of things connected to this. I am grateful to have been asked to do it – it’s very flattering. Especially since I don’t work with it at the moment, and haven’t done for quite a while. I am also grateful that I got paid for it. And I am also very grateful that I got through with it – despite the heat and the fact I am rusty. But I did it – and I did it well!

That’s really something!

Oh, and in addition – let me also express my gratitude for having a camera that enables me to do this. And a computer that lets me work with Photoshop, so I can edit the photographs properly.

Here’s a fun detail – a little heart just beside the bride’s shoes. It was meant to be an image, that’s for sure. ♥


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