Today, I’ll be focusing on what can easily be called living in abundance, when it comes to the weather we have in Sweden right now. It’s really, really hot. The sun is very strong, the sky is blue – and it’s so bloody hot. I believe most people actually do appreciate this, more or less. I’m not one of them. But, like I said, I’ll focus on what I am really very glad I have access to in this heat.

All right, so I am the kind of person who does not deal very well with hot weather. For a few days, I’ll survive, but when it goes on for longer periods of time, I end up feeling sick. I get very tired, groggy, and if it keeps on long enough, all I want to do is cry. The building which I live in gets very, very warm which means that there’s no real escape from the heat. My apartment is boiling hot, and it stays hot for a long time even when the outside weather cools down.


Even if it’s very hot even inside, I still get to stay in the shadow. I do have a roof over my head, which does protect me from direct sunlight. It gives me the chance to protect both me, the cats and the dog from the excessive heat outside.

I am also intensely grateful for the fact that I have electricity. That means I can use my floor fans to keep the air moving. It doesn’t really make the air any cooler, but at least it gives some rotation of air.

I am also very, very grateful that I – we, have access to cool water inside. I can give the cats and the dog cool water to drink. I can drink cool water myself. I can take a cold shower whenever I want. I can make ice cubs with dog candy in for my dog. I can make tea to drink, to even the temperature of my outside and my inside.

Easy access to water is a really, really good thing.

I am also immensely grateful that I don’t have to work in this heat. No matter what kind of work, but especially the physical kind. I know people who do heavy work no matter the weather, and I am so grateful that I don’t have to.

Instead, I can sleep during the day and stay up during the night when it is at least slightly cooler inside. It’s definitely cooler outside, which means I can walk my dog a bit further than I do during daytime in summer.

So yeah. Even if I really, really hate this time of the year, there are things to be grateful for. It’s sometimes hard to find and feel them, but there are.


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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