Actually, I intend to make another day of gratitude focus on one thing specifically. I kinda liked it, to be quite honest. Today, I am going to dive deeper into my gratitude for music. There are many aspects of it, and I thought I’d give it a try to sort some of it out. 🙂 Wish me luck!

My taste in music is rather wide and varied, I’d say. I enjoy everything from heavy german synth to Sisters of Mercy to E-type to medieval/renaissance music to heavy hip hop to mongolian, scandinavian and british folk music, to arabic music (belly dance style) et cetera. Most of all these genres speak to me in different ways. Some of it, I listen to when I want to fill the silence with something. Other things I listen to when I want to get rid of anger.

Then, there is the music that speak to me on such a deep level that it hurts physically. Like a strong, hard punch right in the heart. Music that makes me cry and feel like I want to go home.

This usually only happens with different kinds of folk music. Most often with scottish or irish folk rock. The feeling is so strong that I am absolutely certain that at some point, I’ve lived one or several lives in Great Britain, and most likely in Scotland and/or Ireland. I’ve been drawn there for as long as I can remember, so I feel very strongly I must’ve lived there.

Now, back to music.

There is a certain type of music that speaks extra deeply to me. It is very old music – which basically consists of rythm and very few other sounds. There’s a wonderful word in swedish for this – urkraft. I have no idea of how to translate it into english – google translate refuses to find me a word for it. But the basic meaning of it is the source of all power. Speaking in terms of the law of attraction, this is something that comes even before the LOA itself. It is the kind of music that brings something to life within me, which is buried so deep that most people (99,9%, at least) has forgotten it’s there.

It’s the ability to draw power from earth. It’s the rawest form of what some people would call magic. The music awakens the memory of that in me, and it takes me back to the days it was true and happening. Back to bonfires, dancing in firelight and moonlight, calling on the power of earth. And let me tell you; this was a looong time ago. 😀

Another kind of music which I really, really enjoy, is the sort that shatters my mind so that I can mentally and emotionally step in and be inbetween the tones. It becomes very visual to me, if that makes any sense. This is something that can sometimes happen with jazz, depending on what kind of jazz it is. But also other kinds of music can do this to me. What happens is I pretty much turn my vision inside out and see myself dancing in between actual, living tones.

It’s amazing when it happens.

Like everything else, and perhaps more obvious, music is energy. It – quite obviously, vibrates, and it is amazing when you find something that vibrates right into your heart, and perhaps more importantly, into your soul. It’s pretty much like a vibrational orgasm, if I may be so bold (and I do, since this is my blog – HA!).

Having said that much, I’d like to move on towards my gratitude for all this.

I feel grateful and blessed to have found so much music that does all of these things, and more. I feel grateful and blessed that there are so many people in the world who are skilled and interested enough to create all of these kinds of music, so that I can listen and feel the way I do. I have rather high demands when it comes to the liberal arts, and I highly appreciate that there are people who meet my expectations with what they do. I enjoy high quality of most art forms, but in particular, music and photography.

And speaking of photography, as a side note – there is also music in photography. There’s rythm and melody, just as in music. You only need to listen with your eyes instead of your ear – but you can still hear the rythm in your heart, if you look close enough.

That too, is absolutely amazing.

So, that’s that, then. This is my being grateful today. 🙂 I think I’ll keep doing it this way, actually, because I like it. I may also switch back and forth between one and ten things that I am grateful for.

Enjoy your own day, peeps! 🙂


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