Ha – it’s time for the daily dose of gratitude – and I made it! Despite the fact that my kitchen is way hotter than I find comfortable, that the outside weather is waaaay hotter than is healthy, but I did find ten things to feel grateful for today.

Damn, I rock! 😀


As weird as it may sound, but I am actually grateful that I don’t have any children. I’ve spent my entire adult life being more or less affected by my bipolar disorder, and I also have a rather heavy social heritage on my shoulders. It wouldn’t have been fair bringing children into that picture, and I am so very grateful that I haven’t.

My imagination

During the years being so very, very bipolar, I’ve used my imagination for negative and destructive things. Actually, I’m very good at using my imagination – no matter for good or bad. Now, I’ve showed myself that I’m able to use it for bad shit – it’s time to show myself that I can use it for good stuff. No? 🙂


I’ve had my conflicts with my dad over the years. We weren’t very much alike, at all – at least that’s what I thought. Now that he’s gone, I realize that maybe we are more alike than I ever thought possible. I notice things about myself that mirror him very closely, and I’m very fascinated by this.

What I feel grateful for is the fact that we are alike. I’ve always considered myself to be a copy of my mom, and that’s not necessarily a good thing. Knowing that I also have traits from my dad feels very nice.


First of all, it’s good to have friends. You know, in general. Something that’s even better, however, is being able to help your friends when there’s need for it. And right now, I am able to help a friend. Actually, come to think about it, I’m able to help two of my friends – in different ways.

And since I like being of help when I can, I appreciate the opportunity being so.

My selfhypnosises

It’s been couple of weeks now, and I believe that I am beginning to see some results. I am, in general, on a higher frequency than I normally am. On a higher vibration, if you will. Only yesterday I noticed that I am in a better mode when I wake up – I am usually quite groggy and grumpy for couple of hours before I feel properly awake. I am still groggy, but not as grumpy – and I reach a positive state of mind a bit faster than usual.

So – I attribute this to my selfhypnosies, and therefore, I am also very grateful that I began using them.

Make Up Geek

MUG – they sell make up (obviously). I bought a number of eye shadows from them couple of months back, but during the delivery from the US to Sweden, 9/10 eyeshadows disapperared from the package. I e-mailed them, and they were kind enough to re-send everything that was lost. I even got to replace a couple of the shadows (and to be quite honest, I think that’s why this happened in the first place).

But nevertheless – I am very grateful towards MUG for their kindness and great support. They have been absolutely amazing.

Amazing surprises

I wrote yesterday that I’ve ordered books. By mistake, I managed to order them twice. When I realized this, I cancelled one of them and didn’t think much more of it. Today, I got an e-mail from the payment service saying that I’ll be repaid the money I paid for this cancelled order.

Money coming back to me!

Haha, this hasn’t been on my mind at all. It’s no big money, but it is money, and it’s coming back to me. I find it hilarious and on top of that, I feel grateful for it.

What’s behind me

I must admit that I am – more than anything else, I think, so enormously grateful for the part of my life that is now behind me. All those years without control, no direction, no nothing but misery and chaos in my life. My gratitude for this covers a whole shitload of range; I am grateful I had it so I know the contrast between what I don’t want and what I do want, I am grateful that it’s over so I can enjoy my life instead of suffer, but also that I can leave it – behind.

The health of my pets

I am very lucky to have very healthy pets. My oldest cat has been to the veterinary once for her health. My dog, once for her health. My youngest cat – when she was neutered, otherwise, never for her health.

For this, I am enormously grateful.

My body

I am grateful that I have a body that works. A body that takes me where I want to go. A body that carries the clothes I want to wear. A body that allows me to wear both tattooes and piercing, and does it well onto that.

For this, I am very grateful.


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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