All right, so here we go again. Egoboost, day 2. I am going to list at least 5 things that I like about myself – be it physical, mental, emotional, whatever – but 5 things, at least, are on their way to be listed just down below. Yay me! 😀


I think I am a very good friend, actually. I always try to listen to what people are saying, I always do my best to support and help whenever I can. At the moment, I’m giving a very good friend of mine a ride to the hospital where she’s recieving treatment daily monday to friday. I wait there and take her home when she’s done. That’s just what one does – there’s nothing to discuss at all. If you can, you’re there. End of story. 😀

My stubbornness

I am in the beginning of my pms, and it seems like the medicine doesn’t do its job properly. This is not unusual – however, very annoying, since it does effect my ability to keep a positive pattern of though. However; I am stubborn as hell. I may feel like crap – and if I do, I do. But I will do my very best to find a way to steer away from my negative thinking that rather automatically kicks in.

I will get through this without too much turmoil.

My thumbs

I think that I have rather pretty thumbs. A weird part of your body to like, I suppose, but I do. I always liked my thumbs. 😀 They also look awesome when I wear rings on them.

Analyze this

I sometimes tend to get very intellectual when it comes to myself, the way I feel, think, et cetera. In one sense, that’s insane. From another perspective, I think it is kind of handy, actually. It means that I can look objectively at what I feel, and begin thinking on what I can do to change that (if it is something that I don’t like thinking or feeling or both). It doesn’t always work, but I like being able to do it nonetheless.


I actually find cooking quite boring. I don’t really enjoy it, even if I cook every day. But it doesn’t really matter if I like it or not – I am a fairly good cook. I like the food that I make. It tastes nice. I use lots of garlic which I absolutely love. So yeah, I like that about myself. I cook even if I don’t particularily like it, and I do it well.


I love the way my brain gives me access to rather eye-opening insights every now and then. Sometimes quite intensely, I must admit. I only just now realized why I think I feel so disconnected during my pms or any bipolar outbreak. I feel like I disconnect body from mind, mind from body. That’s why I feel so weird, so low, so negative – I get too attached to my physical body.


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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