This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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Personal egoboost challenge

I am going to do something now, which previously (years ago) brought me right into hypomanic states, so this needs to be done carefully. I am going to – on top of my daily posts on being grateful, also egoboost myself by writing down at least five things every day that I like about myself. It can be either about the way I look, things I feel that I am good at, or something else. I may vary this with writing down how I’d like to be, or what I’d like being able to do. We’ll see.

This is my day one.

My style

Couple of weeks back, someone asked what style we have, we members of a Facebook group. I replied that I have a rather alternative style, but that it may be difficult to pinpoint exactly what to call it. I asked one of my best friends, and she said something like “a mix between bohemian, alternative and witch-y”. Spot-on, I must admit, although I’d also like to throw some kind of rock-ish and perhaps even some kind of army-ish into the mix.

No matter what anyone would like to call the style that I have, it is very much my own. It has grown on me over the years, and I love it. I usually don’t talk much about being unique, because in many senses, noone is unique, but this is, I believe, what makes me stand out from most people.

My hair

When I was a child, I never liked my hair. I’ve always had curly hair, and it’s always been very unruly. But some 15 – 20 years ago, I actually began liking it. And now, I wouldn’t want anyone elses hair for the world. Especially not since I’ve recently started using hairdryer and a roundbrush.

Damn, my hair looks awesome. ♥

My abstract mind

This isn’t what I would say my most visible trait. I think that most people don’t see this at all, to be honest. But I do, and I am very fond of my rather mobile mind which has a tendency of stretching thoughts in possible and impossible ways. A large part of this, I was borne with, the other parts of it, I have trained in a number of ways to achieve.


Now; photography is something that I am really, really good at. I photograph almost exclusively in black and white, and I love it. I also happen to be very good at theory when it comes to photography. I absolutely love thinking about it, writing about it, talking about it – although it’s been very abscent for a long time due to my bipolar disorder.

My blogs

I love blogging. I think that I may write more for myself than for a public, although I really do appreciate seeing the blog stats. But that doesn’t matter, because one of the goals that I have with my blogging is to inform, spread the word, make things come out in a new light, et cetera. I’ve been blogging on my bipolar blog for over 6 years now, which I am immensely proud of.

I have, I think, six or seven active blogs on which I blog more or less regularily. I paused one of them few days ago, because the subject is feeling less and less important, and I am thinking about closing down another one – which will give me more time and opportunity to focus more on what I find important.

Dog handling

My dog was bred by Swedish defence. I got her at 8 weeks old to care for her until she was 15 months, ready to test her abilities. Due to health issues, she was rejected by the military and I got to keep her – lucky us! ♥ She’s the first dog I brought up by myself, and she has taught me so bloody much. Among other things, she’s taught me that I am actually quite good at handling dogs. No, not quite good – very good. In fact, so good that I plan on working with dogs in a few years.


Wow – seems like I’m a pretty awesome person, doesn’t it? 😀

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