Ok, so I’ve actually been awake for couple of hours, but here we go – this is what I feel grateful for on this very day (well, evening, to be quite honest – but still). In no specific order. Imagine there are always something to be grateful for – it’s amazing.


One never need any kind of drugs when there’s music. I find it an amazing sort of meditation getting lost in music. I don’t know how anyone else experience it, but I have a way of seeing what can only be heard, hear what can only be seen, et cetera. I often cross-relate, so to speak. When it comes to music, it is not uncommon for me to experience that I am moving between the tones – and that experience is absolutely amazing. It makes music so much bigger and the experience so much deeper. I love getting high on music.

Sleeping habits

I’ve told you before that my sleeping habits are pretty much the opposite of most people. I sleep during the day and am up all night. Now; at summer, this is very handy for me who don’t appreciate the sun and heat. Therefore, I am extremely grateful for how and when I sleep at the moment. For few weeks to come, there will be a slight shift in it due to me helping a friend in early mornings – but that’s ok. As long as I don’t have to live through all day long of sun and heat.

My car

I love having a car that can take me places rather quickly compared to walking or taking the bus. It makes my life so much easier and considerably more effective. Add to that the fact that I really like driving my car, Dolly. She’s an easy car to drive, and it’s overall a very pleasant experience. She did some good work for me early this morning, and the fact that I can do that – oh, it is so highly appreciated.

My body

Actually, the gratitude I have for my body holds several meanings. In one sense, I am most grateful that I have a body to experience this life through. Without it, I’d still be a conciousness without physical form – and while there is nothing but amazing-ness to that, it still wouldn’t give me the chance to experience and learn from a physical point of view.

From another point of view, I am very grateful that I have a body which is rather obedient. My body, just like my mind, usually does what I tell it to. Sometimes it takes longer, sometimes it works fairly quickly. I have begun telling myself certain things about certain aspects of my body, as well as directing a certain energy towards what I eat – it’ll be interesting to see if it has any effect.

Waking up today

I think I wrote somewhere earlier that it usually takes me quite a while to wake up properly. I am also usually rather grumpy for quite a while before I manage to reach some proper level of conciousness that lets me function properly. Now; this is something that I’ve experienced since I was a teenager (and I do attribute it to my bipolar disorder on a high level) so I don’t expect it to go away in any near future – but today when I woke up, I was actually feeling quite good almost immidiately.

This is not what I am used to, so I am grateful for that.

English language

I am from Sweden, so English is not my mother tongue. However; I really do enjoy writing and speaking English. And, now that I write it regularly on this blog, I realize how much I missed it. I think I’m pretty good at expressing myself in English, and I hope that I make my points across to you who read it. I am very pleased that I chose to write on this blog in English, for practice and for easier access for readers who does not speak or read Swedish.

Old manifestations

I’ve wanted  a sofa for my balcony for ages. I live on the third floor since many, many years, without roof and the sun shining on it almost all day long. I never had the money to buy the one I wanted – but couple of weeks back, I found one that was almost exactly like the one I’ve been looking at before, in a group on Facebook (people giving away their stuff for free).

So all of a sudden, I find myself having a sofa that looks almost the same like the one I wanted for so long. The only difference, really, is that this one is so big it takes up about 65 – 70% of my balcony. But – all I do out there is sit anyway, so that’s fine.


Yes, again. Today I am being very grateful that I could help a friend who needed to borrow some money for a few days. I am ever so grateful that I could help with that. Very simple for me, very good for my friend.


I told you guys before – I suffer from PMS(D). Last time I had my period (couple of weeks ago), I managed to remember to count when it’d most likely start again, which is exactly now. I am lucky enough to have medicine to help with this, and compared to what I usually do, I intend to keep taking these pills all the way through this time. I am very well aware of the fact I could probably manifest that I am perfectly normal during these weeks, but I am not there quite yet.

So – cheers to medicines that does their job!

My parents

This may sound terrible, but I am actually very grateful that my parents are dead. They have both had quite the influence on me, which has led to me being unable to live the way I want. My mother died many years ago, and it was very liberating. My father died last year, and although I loved him very much and miss him equally – his death has given me the opportunity to find ME without his influence.

I am grateful for them bringing me into this physical world, and for them leaving me here so I can grow and become ME.


All right – that’s it for today. Interesting how many things there are feeling gratitude for. I think it’s amazing that I find so many things – every day.

Have a great day, everyone! ♥


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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