My sleeping habits are backwards from everyone else’s, so I sleep during the day and am awake during the night (am I a vampire, mayhaps). Yesterday, my sleeping habits got all wacked up due to everything I had to do during the day, so I’ve lost track of pretty much everything. I know I should be writing this when I wake up, but I’ll do it now instead so it’s done. Who knows – I might do it when I wake up, too.


I had a really amusing encounter this morning when I was on my way back in with Ella, my dog. When opening the door to the stairwell, a neighbour had just opened his door and his giant german shepherd male came out, down the stairs and went after my dog. With the door only partially opened, I stepped in between the two dogs, and then the owner of the other dog came down the stairs to put on collar and leash. Having done that, he actually lifted the dog (which weighs surely about some 40 or so kilos), turned his back to us and said we could pass now. Then, he continued to carry the dog and went downstairs to the cellar.

All the way up, I couldn’t help but laugh at the whole situation. There are many things to be learnt from this, and none of them has it’s place here on this blog – but I am grateful for the amusement on an early saturday morning.

(this is the kind of dog that I want to work with as a professional when I’ve manifested myself into educating myself enough to do so)


I am enormously grateful for two days of considerably cooler temperature, yet with nice weather. Like I wrote earlier, I don’t work very well with heat, so this has been absolutely awesome.

Even more awesome is that the nights have been cooler yet, and the walks with my dog are pure pleasure at that time of the day.

Books (again)

I have ordered two new books. Both by the Hicks family (Abraham, Esther and Jerry). One is actually not a book – it’s cards to remind the reader of how the law of attraction is present at all times. My intention is to work with it on a daily basis, and I very much look forward to recieving them.

Round brush and hairdryer

Such a superficial thing to be grateful for, but I am ever so grateful, actually. I have rather curly hair and for most of my life I’ve kept it in a low pony tail. Now, I was told about round brushes and how to use them a short while back, and eagerly I bought one and tried – and I am hooked.

My hair looks absolutely bloody fucking amazing. In a way I’d never have thought possible. And since I do want to feel beautiful, this is sooo cool, because I do feel very pretty when my hair looks this way.


Sleep is such a beautiful thing. Really a time to rest a drowsy head and meet with the source (angels, guardians, whatever one chooses to call it). I love to sleep, even though I usually have to work pretty hard to park on my bed, but once I’m actually there, I do so love to sleep.

Bliss. Oblivion. Perfection.


I think I was about twenty years old the first time someone told me they were impressed with my level of selfknowledge. I am still impressed, especially since there’s been a rather large number of years without it. The last six months or so has been explosive when it comes to knowing and learning more about myself – and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Without knowing oneself, there’s no easy way to evolving.

Now versus later

I am currently correcting my sleeping habits to fit in for the next coming three weeks when I’ll be helping a friend by driving her somewhere early in the mornings. Today, specifically, I need to go make some purchases, but I just now realized that I can do it later today. I don’t have to wait for couple of more hours, I can do it later.

This too is bliss for a tired and sore body (rather than the mind, because I feel oddly awake).


This is so weird to be me, because I’ve never in my whole life enjoyed vegetables in particular. Not until I began to eat according to LCHF (low carb high fat). Tonight, I’ve spent hours boiling cauliflower and broccoli, to make purree from it – and it tastes absolutely delicious. I use plenty of garlic and some salt and pepper for 1½ cauliflower or 1 broccoli. Oh, not to mention butter – real butter, not margarine.


I think I’ve brought this up before, but the same still goes. I appreciate yoga a lot. I am most definitely a beginner of all beginners, but that’s irrelevant. I like what it does to and for my body. I intend to practising yoga daily, I just need to get it started regularely first. No excuse whatsoever, but an eplaination. I don’t have a habit of practicing or exercising, so there’s quite the bit of mental resistance to work through.

But I’ll get there, eventually.


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


Feel free to comment and share – I appreciate it.