It’s a new day and time to express some gratitude. Actually, I’ve been awake and up for several hours, but I’ve been too busy to write this down until now. And now that I do, I actually have some very fresh stuff feeling grateful about. Law of attraction is working its magic. 🙂

Parking spots

So, I had to go down town today, to get some blood tests done. I take Litium for my bipolar disorder, and that demands bloodtests every now and then to check the levels of something/whatever in your blood. I also take Levaxin for my hypothyroidism, and this too needs bloodtests every now and then. On top of that, I also participate in a study done at Karolinska Institutet (hospital) about bipolar disorder, and they too wants a blood test for the study.

Unfortunately, the bloodtest for the study needs to be done next week due to delay in delivery over the weekend, but the other ones got done.

Now to the really good part. I took my car, because I was going to shop for groceries when I was done. All the way down town, I was thinking – I want to get a partkin spot immediately, close to where I’m going, and close to a parking meter. Over and over again. I managed to find myself in the red wave through all traffic lights (and for those not familiar with swedish slang directly translated to enligsh; when every goddamn traffic light turns red when you get near it), which was annoying enough – but when I finally made it and turned onto the street where I was going, every parking spot was full. But as I turned in – one car began to back out just exactly on time for me to just go right into it. It was so obvious and so bloody perfect. And the parking meter sat just few meters away from it.

So for that, I am being grateful.


I had several things to do today. The bloodtests, shopping, and doing some other things. After shopping, I went home to carry everything upstairs (live in third floor) and to get Ella who got to follow me to my other business. And I am so very grateful that I managed to come up with a time plan that actually worked absolutely perfectly. My skills when it comes to planning leaves a whole lot to wish for – and that’s saying it very kindly. I suck at making a series of events that’s necessary, to work for me.

So yay me for getting all of this work for me today – thanx for that!


I ran into a friend of mine on the way to the car when I left the first time today. She said to me that I look so good, that I look so different from couple of years back (I do eat LCHF (low carb high fat) for a reason), that it’s so cool that I loose all this weight all by myself.

And it doesn’t really matter how or why I loose weight – LOA or not, but it is very, very nice that someone sees it and reflects it back to me.

So thank you, sweety, I do so appreciate it.


Yeah, money – again. But it’s impossible not being grateful for money. Money per se doesn’t make you happy – it’s what you can do with and for them, that’s fun and can give you great pleasure. For me, the main thing that brings me peace and quiet, is that it gives me the opportunity to pay my rent and the rest of my bills.

I love paying my bills. Paying bills gives an enormous sense of safety and security. It is soooo cool.

So today, I am grateful that money are coming into my bank account so that I can pay my bills and feel safe and secure.


I sew my own clothes. When I had the least money, for obvious reasons I couldn’t buy clothes, and the facribs I bought to sew clothes were not really what I wanted, but what I could afford. For the last couple of years, I’ve been buying fabrics that I want. Not what I can afford – what I want. Sure, I’ve done it at times where I for one reason or another, have had more money, but still.

The good thing with buying fabrics that you actually want, is that it gives you clothes that you actually want, like and enjoy wearing. I have a rather specific style in clothes, so I am actually very grateful for my sewing machine, my ability to sew my own clothes, and my taste in colours and style.

Zoe and Molly

My wee girls. My cat lady friends. Two black house cats, totally adorable. Very, very different in their ways, but adorable furballs nonetheless. I cannot imagine my life without cats (or dogs, for that matter). A home is no home without at least one cat; preferably two.

I am also very grateful that they are black – for several reasons. First; I love black cats. I love black furred animals in general, but black cats are very special to me. Them being black makes it much easier for me having them, since I dress only in black, and it gets easier when they shed their fur onto me and my clothes, because it’s not as visible as it would be, had they been white.

My selfhypnoseses

I’ve spent a week or so listening to them, and I actually believe they are starting to give some effect. I have refined them couple of times, and at the moment I feel very pleased with them. I really do appreciate the fact that since I am the one recording them, I can re-make old ones and make new ones as I see fit.

It’s amazing.

My car

I love my car. It’s a fairly old car, but it does its job properly – namely; taking me from point A to point B, at any given time. It’s a nice car to drive, it has space for me to bring Ella (my dog), and we have been on a number of mainly photographic adventures together, the three of us.

It took me over a year, almost a year and a half, but I finally gave my car a name. It’s so not my style of a name – at all, but it dawned on me that my car’s name, so very clearly, is Dolly.

My bed

I am at the moment really, really tired and sleepy. I slept too little (again) in order to get today working, so at the moment I’m sitting here soooo drowsy. That’s when it is a very pleasant thought of dropping onto the bed and going into blissful sleep for couple of hours. And when I’m done with this post, I might actually do just that.

Positive feelings

What usually happens when I am tired, is it becomes very difficult for me to feel grateful or even the slightest bit positive. Today, however, I’ve managed to stay positive all day through, which to me is both amazing and impressive, actually.


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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