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Switching mindsets

I know I said few days ago that I wanted to take a break from listening to audios by Abraham (Esther) Hicks, Bentinho Massaro and others. I did, and then I didn’t. And I’ve come to realize that I actually need to listen to all these audios/videos. I need it, to keep my level of remembering how this is done.

What I mean by that is simply; I need to be reminded, as often as possible, how to do this, so that I don’t fall back into old habits of thoughts. It’s so easy to just fall back into what you’re used to, and for me – that’s pure destruction. At least compared to what I can accomplish if I keep my mind steady on what I want, rather than what I don’t want. And it’s  the absolute opposite of what I am used to. Thinking about what I want in a way that is good for manifesting, that is.

So; I keep listening to audios and watching videos from various people. At the moment, I listen mainly to Abraham. I think Abraham is the closest to what I feel most comfortable with. Bentinho Massaro is so hardcore in his beliefs and his teachings, and it feels too close to a religion for me to be comfortable with it. I like it – I really do, but it is so hardcore.

Today, I actually listened to a couple of audios with Abraham, where bipolar disorder specifically was discussed. I have to admit that I actually did cry. For real. Not just a single tear – I cried, really. And I’m thinking that maybe I don’t necessarily have to look at it as a disorder, but as being a person with a specific kind of focus.

And in all honesty, my bipolarity is something that’s been a bit of a concern to me, when it comes to the law of attraction. Is it possible to manifest freedom of it – not ever getting depressed or hypomanic again? Or should I try to use whichever side whenever it arises, in some way? How does one mix bipolar disorder and the law of attraction in a way which is beneficial for ME?

I have no answer to that, and maybe I never will. I just know that I intend to keep myself happy – and that’s all that matters. But I don’t really want to exclude all sadness and negative emotions, because after all, they are part of life. There will be losses, I will get angry on one thing or another, I will feel sad, maybe even depressed, et cetera. And I’m ok with that – as long as it doesn’t remove my base line of happiness.

And with that, I will finish this post by being grateful that I remember that I had this domain and there was nothing on it so I could use it for this blog. I am loving writing here. It is so beneficial for me at this moment, that I can (and do) write everything that comes to mind in my exploring the law of attraction.

My life is absolutely awesome.

Which is why it’s so important for me to remember some certain things. I only today recorded a new selfhypnosis to remind myself that conciousness comes before reality – that everything I think will manifest itself somehow. The idea of this makes me feel very powerful – but I need to remember it, and I don’t always do that automatically – yet.

It’s somewhat tiresome to make your own brain switch from one mindset into another, when the first one is so set in habit. But I have to say that I’m impressed by how far I’ve come in such a short time. Given how many years I’ve been doing this unconciously, therefore manifesting so very weird, mysterious and completely mad things for myself – it’s quite all right if it takes a little time for me to adjust.

And this is, as backward and akward as it may sound, also why I want and need to hear different perspectives. I find that I listen more to what’s philosophical rather than practical, and this is no surprise to me at all. I like philosophical and stuff that teases the mind rather than being told “do this and that will happen instantly”. I like using my brain for thinking abstractly.

But really; what I really do need to remember is so simple, when you think about it. All I need to remember (and do!) is that instead of being powerless, I have all the power. That’s really all there is to it. I have all the power I need to make my life as wondrous as I like. How hard could it possibly be? 🙂

And while I’m not saying it’s hard, there is still the need to re-remember how it’s done. To train my brain to remember this at all times. And to function this way – at all times.

I think it’s amazing that I had this domain with nothing on it, so I could start using it as a platform for my work with the law of attraction. It’s awesome. And I love the name of it as well.

This domain started out as a website for my business, and the content has changed many, many times since then (I bought it in 2004). Eye C (or I see, depending on how one wants to C it) has such a remarkable double meaning to it, and it fits the purpose of this blog enormously well.

The power is all in my hands.


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