I just got back in from walking my dog. It’s early (really early) in the morning, and I just felt that I had to show you and tell you about this. Todays’ task in the Magic book (Rhonda Byrne) is to find a stone to direct your gratitude towards, at bedtime. Now; the book says to find the stone during the day, but since I sleep during day, I decided to find it during this walk – and I did.

My little stone of gratitude.

As I was spending time in my kitchen yesterday (before midnight, that is) I seriously thought I’d go into pieces over the heat. It was so bloody hot. And in this heat, it’s impossible to take a proper walk with your dog. It’s too hot, both for her and for me. And it doesn’t really matter what you do, where you are or how little you move – it’s too hot either way.

Therefore, I was so enormously grateful when, at about 1am or so, I did the dishes – and noticed that the temperature both outside and inside my kicthen, rapidly went down. I mean, really rapidly. The temperature inside went down from some 27 degrees Celsius or so, to about 23 – that’s 4 whole degrees! And it makes such a difference.

And when taking this walk, it was about 13 degrees outside. With a rather strong wind, onto that. Walking was absolutely amazing. I could’ve walked forever hadn’t I been so tired from the previous heat.

As we were walking, I decided to start looking for that stone. I found a few, but when I looked through them I decided to keep the one in the photograph above. It’s rather small, it’s very cute, and it’s going to be fantastic.

Actually, I think I’m going to cheat and start using it today. I don’t think Rhonda Byrne minds. On the contrary – the more gratitude, the happier I’ll be. 🙂

I’m going to say this directly to the stone when I go to bed – but here goes as well;

What I am most grateful for today are two things, specifically. I am so very grateful that the temperature dropped during the night, that the wind was so strong and that I had such a pleasant walk with my dog. I am also very grateful that I found this stone. I really don’t think that it’s needed – really, but since I intend to follow the tasks in this Magic book by Rhonda Byrne – there it was, here it is, and I am being grateful for that.


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