Ok, so one thing leads to another. Cause and effect. Even when it comes to thoughts, one thing leads to another – and right now, my mind’s going absolutely crazy, all on it’s own. One thought leads to another, even though it may not seem like there’s any connection. And sometimes, there is. Or isn’t.

Like, for instance; I’m starting to get ready for bed. Night’s turning into early (very early) morning, so I went to pee and brush my teeth. While sitting there on my toilet, peeing, I looked at the roll of toilet paper and thought – oh shit (all pun intended!), I have all the toilet paper in the world. Literally, truly, all the toilet paper in the world. I have so much toilet paper!!!

And it’s true! Not only do I have the toilet paper actually within the physical walls of my apartment (which will last me like a month and a half or something) – I also have all the toilet paper I need, within reach!

That realization actually blew me away. And then I thought, when doing the dishes, that geezus, I have all the dishcloth that I need. I can change it whenever I want to, because there will always be an abundance of dishcloths. And washing powder. And hand soap. And.. and… and…

And that made me realize that – if there’s an abundance of all these things, there’s no reason I wouldn’t be able to manifest anything else. So I stood there, doing my dishes, laughing at myself when I started listing things that I want to change about my appearence. I wrote in my previous post that I want to experience beauty. Feet, legs, knees, hips, boobs, waist, eyes, face, hair, hands, pussy, butt – every part of my body! And I really couldn’t help but laugh at my own, actually rather childish approach to it. But I do want to be beautiful – and not only reflected through other peoples’ eyes, but also through my own (which are, by the way, so beautiful).

So I am going for a manifestation regarding my physical appearance. 🙂

And then I realized further, that I – well, I know I said that I want to go all in for the law of attraction, and I do. But I actually want to maintain that balance that I’ve also written about. A balance between my spiritual self, and my physical self. So – I want to experience beauty and comfort. I want balance, I want freedom of choice – which, practicing the law of attraction, I have.

And I want to laugh. For several reasons – because I am happy, and because it’s fun to laugh.

Oh, and another thought that popped up out of totally nowhere. I haven’t been interested in having a partner for quite the number of years. I wrote, only couple of days ago, that there is no place for a partner in my life right now. So then, I wonder, why did I all of a sudden think about finding myself a partner? A partner with whom to live this wonderful life with beauty, comfort, happiness, freedom?

And pygmé goats. When I live in my house, appearantly with my partner, our cats and dogs – I also want pygmé goats. That’s where you can find a source to laughter. They are the cutest, funniest animals – jumping around like there is nothing else in the world but joy. Wonderful creatures to share your life with, I’m sure.

I feel like the pieces are falling into place, when it comes to me building my own way of working the law of attraction. It’s too soon to say that I’m “done”, because I’m not sure you ever get “done” – but at least to a starting point where I feel at least fairly secure of that I know what I’m doing.

And a sense of humour never hurts. I like it.


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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