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All right, as you may have noticed, thoughts are competeing to rush through my head on the fastest lane they can find. Which one reaches the surface first? And I just now realized that depending on what goal one has with the law of attraction – it’s always one’s own choice. I was thinking about Bentinho Massaro and how he has chosen to go all in, thousands of percents, and lives his life on a very high level of spirituality.

And that’s fine. If that’s what he wants to do, he really should do it – and he does.

However; for most people, I believe there should be a balance between the spirituality and the physical reality we live in. If we use as a starting point the idea that we are all here to reflect one aspect of the universe, to learn through the experience of what we call reality – then maybe we also should. Maybe we actually should experience it by letting ourselves be physical beings, with our faults, flaws, desires, et cetera.

The one doesn’t necessarily need to exclude the other. Being physical doesn’t mean we cannot be connected to our spiritual selves. All I’m saying is that for me, personally, I want to balance the two so no part weighs more than the other.

And – once in a while, I think it’s a good thing to dive really deep into the spiritual world. It’s easy to get caught up in the physical reality, and to maintain that balance spirituality needs to be present at all times, otherwise I think we have a tendency to forget.

So what I want for me is a balance and harmony between these two aspects of life. I want to be connected to my spiritual self, to the degree where I easily can manifest the life that I want for myself – but I also actually do want to live it. I don’t want to put my head so deep into the spiritual world that I loose my experience of reality as physical, as mass and matter rather than an illusion.

What do you focus on in your excecution of the law of attraction?


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