All right, so I thought I’d spend a whole post to express some gratitude. There are so many things to think about and do to get this machinery started, that I sometimes forget what’s most important – feeling gratitude. That being said; let’s go. 🙂


I’ve spent the last few days re-recording my selfhypnosises, since I for one reason or the other haven’t been completely satisfied with the ones I’ve made. And I have to say that I am immensely grateful for the fact that I can even do this by myself. I am grateful that I do know how to, and I am grateful that I have the tools to get it done. That is; I am grateful for my cellphone on which I record my voice.

I am also grateful for my computer on which I do the mixing of my selfhypnosises. I am also very grateful for the software that I use (Audacity) and that it is as easy as it is, doing it.

So thanks for that. ♥


I am also very grateful for the Internet. Now, I do have various views of the Internet, not all of them are 100% positive. But it does give instant access to an almost unlimited amount of information, which is really, really nice.

It also gives you the possibility to communicate with people, and to share your own experiences – much like what I do here and on my other blogs.

Which leads me to again bring up my gratitude for my cellphone, actually. I recently started vlogging, posting on Youtube, and I am using my cellphone for the filming part. I do want to make better quality stuff, but for starters, my cellphone works perfectly fine to use for filming.


I am actually very grateful for how I know myself. Especially how my mind works. I have a specific way of thinking, and I have a specific way of creating order in the rather chaotic world of my thoughts.

Things are so much easier when you know how you think.

I am also very grateful for knowing myself so well, apart from how my mind works. I’ve had some six months or so stuffed with insights about myself, and I cannot express how grateful I am for this.


Now, to me, rythm is very closely connected to beauty, and the other way around. Rythm can be found in everything, not only music. I say this because I realized today when listening to one of my selfhypnoses that I made today, that although I didn’t intend it, there’s a rythm and a melody to how I say the words to myself, and when adding another sound or rythm to that, it all of a sudden becomes music, wether intended or not.

Rythm can be found in most things, actually. It’s all about the timing, when to push and when to hold back. It can be found in words, written or spoken, music, whichever kind you like, in happenings, movement, patterns, visual arts – and in so much more. And; the more basic, the more it speaks directly into your heart.

I am overly grateful of my seeing and understanding of the concept rythm.


Bentinho Massaro speaks of is-ness – the need for us to realize that we are. We just are – nothing more, and from that is-ness, we find our way to creation and manifestation.

I’ve had some trouble finding that is-ness. I’ve been stuck on (and I suspect that I’ll be stuck there to and fro again and again) the one side of the coin; that is, my view of what my reality looks like. It wasn’t until an hour or so ago, that I realized what this is-ness means. I found the concept of contrast between day and night, between hot and cold – contrast, very simply put. And then I realized that if you put yourself between these contrasts, you get a nothing-ness. Or is-ness, as Massaro expresses it.

And when you find that nothing-ness/is-ness, you realize that the opposites on each side is nothing but free will.

So – contrast means free will. You always have a choice what you want to do with your nothing-ness. Good or bad. Free choice.

I am most grateful for this insight. I hope it’ll make it easier for me to find the is-ness expressed by Bentinho Massaro.


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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