I couldn’t keep myself from starting to listen to some of these people talking about the law of attraction again. I know I said I’d take a break – but some 20 hours or so is a break, no? At the moment, I am listening to Bentinho Massaro – a, from what I understand, rather young guy teaching a very philosophical, spiritual way of the law of attraction.

Having the abstract mind that I do, I actually do enjoy the philosophical angle. Very much, onto that. I’ve listened to a few of his youtube videos, and when I’d adapted to his way of speaking it became easier to hear what he’s actually saying.

There are indeed differences between how people speak about this. Some are very practical – do this and you’ll start seeing changes immediately. Others, like Massaro, are more abstract in their approach. And I must say that I do like it. So much. Even if it sometimes takes me a while to grasp an idea – the only reason for the taking that time is because Marrasso in this case, has another way of expressing himself than I do.

For example, Marrasso speaks of is-ness. Removing everything one uses to describe oneself, and just being. To me, this way of describing this idea makes it incredibly difficult to grasp. But like I wrote in the previous post, when I started thinking about it from another angle, all of sudden it all became clear to me what he means – and so much easier to understand and practice.

This is how I would describe it;

Think of the world as if it was created of dots. Everything you can see, touch, hear, et cetera, are dots so close together we percieve them as mass. Now; if we in our minds decide to separate these dots, we can see that there is distance in between these dots.

That distance, the in-between, is the nothingness. The is-ness that Marrasso speaks about. But I would expand the whole thing and say that nothingness is when we feel that we are that in-between. When we find ourselves in the middle of that contrast I described earlier. Where nothing weighs to one side of the other – perfect balance and nothingness. Actually, pretty much that very same concept is described in the british sci-fi tv-show Doctor Who which I believe I’ve written something about earlier.

Now, something I’ve noticed since a few days back, which is so extremely weird, and which Marrasso also speaks about in the video I’m almost done watching, is that when one manages to reach this is-ness, or nothingness, everything that is mass becomes completely irrelevant. What happens is that in that state of mind, you stop wanting things. You don’t really want anything – you just exist, and that’s all there is. There is no feeling of need, lacking, or even wanting.

I’ve experienced this weird feeling of not really wanting anything for the last couple of days. I’ve taken it as boredom, perhaps my pms starting all over again (and that could actually be the case, aside from this), but I am beginning to realize that maybe it is the nothingness. I thought the lack of feeling anything has been due to pms or perhaps my bipolar disorder, but maybe it’s not.

No matter what I feel or don’t feel at the moment – what is more important is to find the middle among all these ways of viewing the law of attraction. Like I said; I have a very abstract mind, I love thinking about it in a very philosophical and somehow complicated way. Since I listen to such varied ways of working with the law of attraction, I believe that my mental journey is going rather rapidly, actually. I just need some time to get them to work seamlessly with each other inside my own head, so I can get them to work for me in a way that feels good to me.

A conflict I’ve noticed, or something that perhaps I haven’t really understood, is that if I go into nothingness where I don’t really feel anything or want anything for that matter – how the hell am I supposed to manifest something when so many other people say that to manifest something I need to feel like I already have it – feel happy about it, et cetera? These two perspectives creates a conflict inside my head and I do not manage to put the dots together – yet.

Can you explain it to me? Please do so in the comments below. 🙂


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