Now; working with the law of attraction seems to be a quick fix to reach success and with it, a lot of money – at least for the american population. To me, this is returning to the question what the hell success really means, and what I intend to use the law of attraction for.

One can have many goals in life – the ones pre-chosen, and the ones chosen of the soul living in this specific body. One of my greatest goals, which is of outmost importance for me to live at all, is to have and maintain balance in my life. That’s one of the bipolar traits; not being able to keep balance. I tend to lean too much in any direction if you think of any given concept as being one side of a coin – and a coin always has two sides.

What I want to keep myself balanced, is peace of mind. This can of course be achieved in many ways, but I am very much inclined to go for a life close to nature and being close to animals. And also, to be left alone on a rather high level – I want and I need as little disturbance as possible. That being said; this doesn’t mean I want to be a hermit not meeting people at all, ever. I need social time with people as well – but I do want a rather large amount of time with myself and my pets.

So – this leads me to describe what my goal with the law of attraction is. When I think closer about it, I don’t really care about money. I don’t really care if I have millions upon millions on my bank account. What I do care about is my freedom of choice – which, with the law of attraction, I do have. Now, what has gotten me stuck for so many years is the idea that I live in a world which is physical and physical alone – and given my situation through those glasses, I have had no freedom of choice at all.

This will all change now.

When I think of myself and how I want to live, I see myself in a house close to nature. Generally, I see it close to the forest, but I suppose it could be pretty much anywhere, as long as there is lots of nature.

To me, being close to nature gives a direct gateway to raw energy. It’s like magic, as it would have been said in the Harry Potter series. Being close to the rawest form of energy is very special. It’s pretty much the same spending time with animals. The animals I share my life with are domesticated and function well in the form of living we have at the moment – but I want to be as close to the source of energy as possible. With both nature and the spirits of my pets.

I want to be living proof that someone like me, who’s been rather badly mistreated by life when captured in the idea of the physical world rules the mind and body of an individual, can change into the opposite and be the sole ruler of her own reality. I want to be living proof that someone who has percieved herself as ill and unable to work or function “normally”, can create a life for herself that is absolutely awesome.

The word “success” and “abundance” means different things for different people. I would most certainly not mind being stupidly rich, but in the end, it’s not the money that matters. The money is just a means to an end – a way of getting some of the things you want. It is the circumstances that actually matter.

A question that arose a few minutes ago – and has little to do with this, is why I always find these thoughts easier at night, than during the day. Earlier today, I had a very hard time even thinking about myself in a positive way. I didn’t sleep very long or very well, so I’ve been (am still) tired today – and knowing myself, that does effect the way I think. But still. It’s sometimes annoying when being tired is the only thing that stops you from thinking that which you want to think.

The easy answer is of course; sleep. And I’ll do that. In couple of hours. 😀


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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