I have a very abstract mind and line of thoughts. To understand things better, I need to “see” it inside my head – in images. The more abstract something is, the easier it is for me to understand it. I also have a need to see and understand patterns; which is why I like to connect the dots of my understanding between different disciplines.

This is the reason why I chose to call the first post on this blog, the Fool. It’s a reference to the first card in the major Arcana of a Tarot deck. The Fool is someone who has just started a journey, much being like a child.

I am guessing this is why I am now watching youtube videos of several rather different people talking about the law of attraction. I am collecting dots of perception to give shape and form to my own understanding of the concept.

It’s like I need something to compare what I hear/see to, so I know how to relate to it. If I can connect the dots, I can also create an image of it, and through this access a rather high level of understanding something. Sometimes, it’s done automatically – especially if I only listen to someone talking. Other times, I need to compare something to… well, just like some Tarot decks do – put a zodiac sign on a card, so that the reader can connect the knowledge of that zodiac sign to the understanding of the card.

An example of this is how I sometimes – not always, but when I’m in the mood, picture the concept of vibrations. Have you seen the british sci-fi tv-show Doctor Who? If so, have you seen the episode where all the companions of David Tennants’ doctor come together? They go together and call the Doctor as he is very far away from Earth, and it’s visualized as a spiral of… something – energy, of sorts, reaching through time and space until it hits the Tardis (the doctor’s space ship).

I have other ways to picture the idea of vibrations as well – it’s like translating the sense of something into a visual image inside my head. Also very much like seeing a sound or hearing a colour.

Building my own perception and understanding of the law of attraction is like building a puzzle. There are many parts, and many parts from different places look very much the same. So, basically, what I am doing right now is trying to fit everything in it’s place. I’ll get there in the end; I’m nearly there, actually.

One of the things I am really very pleased with understanding is the fact that I don’t necessarily have a goal, other than the fact I want to be happy. Aside from that, I consider this whole thing a journey, rather than a constant struggle to reach my goals. Whatever I manifest is a part of my journey – not a goal in itself. This is something that gives me peace of mind, actually. I don’t want to feel stressed over anything, and I want to enjoy this path I am choosing to walk. If it feels like a struggle, I am not walking properly.

Having an abstract mind helps me on this journey, I believe. I love having this kind of mind and wouldn’t want it any other way. It gives me the ability to understand larger concepts very quickly, only by seeing an image of it inside my head. I think it’s absolutely amazing.

How does your mind look and function and how does it help you on your journey?


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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