When first introduced to the law of attraction, I began building myself a system of belief based on the idea of a field of energy into which we dissolve when we die, and from which we emerge when we’re being borne. This field of energy can easily be translated into the term God, if you find that religion is important to you – but to me, it’s just a bunch of souls clumped together into one supersoul, so to speak.

For various reasons, I have always been reluctant to believing in that which cannot be seen or understood rationally (very much due to my parents; either on one side of the scale of faith). When first introduced to the law of attraction, I did start building my own faith from what I learned, but due to my bipolarity, it has been pushed aside for many years.

This is why I am using some time now, to reclaim my faith. To find it again, remember the parts that I find important, to expand it with practices that work for me. For one; I intend to start practicing yoga on a regular basis. I do it every now and then, but eventually, my plan is to practice yoga on a daily basis. It’ll take me some time to get there – but I will get there.

It really is a kind of awakening. Or re-awakening, if you will. I am usually the impatient kind of girl, but just for once, interestingly enough, I don’t feel impatient. I feel like; let this take the time it takes. It won’t happen overnight, and that’s fine. Everything doesn’t just fall into place in five seconds – there are many years of bipolarity and a negative, destructive way of thinking that needs to be replaced. There are many things to be done before I can make this work exactly the way I want. And I do have high standards for myself, so I am very likely to take this very far.

So, then, what do I believe in?

I believe in re-birth. I believe in lessons to be learned in this specific life. I believe in re-occurring relationships as a means to learn. I believe that depending on our state of mind and our ability to keep it steady, we can direct our lives as a director does his play. I believe in going deep into yourself, searching and knowing your soul inside out, and a desire to evolve.

One thing that I realize just now, is that I’ll never settle for almost good enough. I want a very high quality of life, and I intend to get it. I have no idea of how – but that’s where faith makes its entrance. This is where the faith that the law of attraction actually does work, comes in.

I have finally begun my journey on becoming the greatest version of myself that I can be, and I find it absolutely amazing. I have no idea what will happen, but I do know that great things lie ahead of me.

Really, I can’t wait. 😀

Oh, I just realized – my lesson to learn this life might actually be blowing up barriers. And by that, I mean taking control over what is ME instead of being controlled by barriers created by others. How extraordinarily interesting – this needs to be adressed later.

Damn, I got some work to be done. ♥


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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