There’s a difference between training a dog and handling a dog. I am less interested in the training part and more interested in the handling part. I believe in the relation between human and dog being as close to nature as possible. My own dog has a job (from my point of view, that is), which is to make me see when I am off balance. She does this very well, since the way she behaves makes it very obvious to me when I am not as balanced as I should.

Now; handling a dog through energy is actually pretty much what the law of attraction is all about. Visualize the result you want, then make it happen through directing your energy towards your dog. It is quite simple, actually.

Living with bipolar disorder, balance is the one thing I have had the most trouble achieving. And I’m not the only one. This is where I think I can make a difference. I think it would be amazingly interesting to start working with people who live with mental illness of one kind or the other, who have dogs, and who want to learn how to achieve balance in their interactions with their dogs.

I have already begun searching for ways to achieve this. I found a way to educate myself to becoming a dog behaviourist. It’s a two years long education, and would be a great starting point for this.

To do that, I need to manifest the cost for the course. That’ll be the challenge, because the amount of money is rather large (everything is relative, of course, but we’re talking almost 50 000 SEK).

I am not quite finished with this idea/plan yet, but it’s beginning to find a shape and form that I like. I do want to fit in my passion for photography somewhere in this, but I have some thoughts of that too. It’s all connected to the house I want to live in – I want to have a studio there. Not necessarily inside the house, but maybe in another building on the property.

You know, this life that I am planning for myself, is going to be absolutely amazing. I can really see myself living like this. The house, the dogs, the work with people living with mental health issues and their dogs, the photography… the idea of all this is quite seductive.

I intend to live in abundance.

Abundance and success are two very problematic words. They are, at least in my head, closely connected to work. And while I don’t really mind working, I don’t want to work in the “normal” meaning of the word. I want to work from home, and I want it to feel like I’m not working.

And I want to be well paid for it.


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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