I need to re-wire my brain. There are a patterns of thought that does not benefit me when it comes to manifesting the things that I want. I do believe that I have already gotten started with some of the smaller things, which I like. But since I want to get this started big, fat time, I need to do something about the convincing myself of all the things I need convincing about.

One issue that I have is that I sometimes (more rarely now than a while ago) feel very unsafe. Now, this, I believe, has very much to do with my upbringing and the early relations that I had in my life. It doesn’t really fit in here, discussing those, but if you’re interested, I recommend you do a search on my bipolarblog and read what I’ve come to conclude there.

Another issue, also having to do with being unsafe, is the one that has to do with money – or rather, the lack of money. Due to my very, very deep depression some ten or so years ago, I experienced a few years with a pretty much total lack of income. This can also be read about at the bipolarblog, if you’re interested. But the feeling of being financially unsafe is something I need to adress.

Most of the issues are connected to my sense of self, my selfimage, my selfconfidence et cetera. I need to rebuild these things from the ground up, and one way of doing that is through selfhypnosis.

So I intend to record a number of audiofiles and transfer to my cellphone, so I can listen to them while I go to sleep (and actually sleep). I intend for them to talk right into my unconcious mind and let it work right there.

I actually feel very confident that this will work wonders. I’ve been listening to another selfhypnosis, recorded by Jake Ducey, for a few nights. It feels like it’s starting to make a difference, but I want to make my own to target what’s specific for me. Oh, and to listen to my own voice – not that I necessarily like it that much, but because it will be me speaking to directly to me.

This is going to be so interesting. I promise I’ll tell you all about how it feels when I’m done and have tried listening to it for a couple of nights. I am absolutely certain it’ll do wonders for me, my selfconfidence, my emotional stability and so on.

I really can’t wait! 🙂


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This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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