I’ve begun following a guy named Jake Ducey on Youtube. He’s publishing tons and tons of videos on how-to when it comes to the law of attraction. As with most other people who do this, he’s going rather hardcore in on the importance of staying focused, staying positive et cetera. The whole idea of you get what you ask for, which can sometimes be quite troublesome if you’re like me, who struggle with, for example, pms once a month.

However; I just watched his newest video where he talks about his own story. And for the first time ever, I believe, I heard someone talking about a life that’s full of obstacles. That sometimes you don’t get what you want right away. Sometimes it does take time, you do need to struggle and learn both this and that before that thing you want, can actually happen.

And I was suddenly in heaven.

Because this strings a chord with me in more ways than one. Partly because I’ve already have the worst parts of my life behind me. My years with untreated bipolar disorder and all the consequences that comes with that, are behind me.

That means it can only get better.

He also said something else which strung a chord with me. He said that maybe one shouldn’t focus so much on one specific thing, but rather than who you want to be. And that really lit up a whole shitload of lights inside my head. Because that means it’s all right that I have pms and can’t think straight during those days/weeks.

As long as I don’t loose track of my bigger picture, my goal.

Another thing that also became clear to me is the need to actually work for your goal. I suppose it depends on what kind of goal you have; if you want to buy a shirt you can’t afford today but you can afford tomorrow, it’s not that much work to be done, really. But when you want these major changes in your life – then there is work to be done, and you’re the one to do it.

I was very, very pleased to watch this video, actually. It gave me hope that I can create something awesome for myself. What I need to do, because I haven’t done it properly yet, is to find myself a purpose, a goal to work for. Once I have that, I’ll be good to go for the larger stuff. And I really like the idea of choosing who I want to be, rather than creating objects one by one, like I mentioned yesterday. Who I want to be, and what I wish to experience, seems like a much more fun way to go.

So if I spend only few seconds guessing what I am going to plan for myself, it is very like it’ll have to do with photography and dogs. Not sure of how these two will fit together quite yet, but surely I’ll find some way to combine the two together.

I’ll get back to you guys with a plan as soon as I can. Once I’ve come up with it. 😀



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