This is a blog about my spiritual journey. The focus from january 2019 will be on my entering the shaman path. It’s exciting in every way possible, and I cannot wait to experience more.


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What is success?

Success is such a strange word. It holds a meaning known to everyone, but its value changes from person to person. I also belive it may have a cultural value – it means different things in different places. No matter what it means to everyone else, though – when it comes to my journey, all that matters is what it means to me.

To be honest; the word success holds the meaning of having a good carreer, lots of money, a nice home, being able to travel, doing exciting things, being able to choose where you want to live, which car to drive and so on. Pretty much everything that I don’t have.

However, I belive this is a very traditional way of understanding the word success. I would like to change it for myself, and I am pretty sure of how to do it.

If you think about it – having all these things are very likely due to a person having done something to change one situation into another (unless you were born wealthy). And that, I believe, is the true meaning of the word success.

The ability to change one situation into another that you like better.

When adressing it from this point of view, the term doesn’t sit so heavy on the need to earn lots of money, having a great job, living a luxurous life and so on. Then, the success is whatever you want it to be, it lands and meets your own demands, not some common idea of something only few people manage to achieve.

It sits better with me, anyway, and that’s all that matter. It means that I can begin at my present point of origin and create out of that.

So then, what would be a success for me?

First of all, I want to be happy. If I am not happy, no money in the world would make much of a difference. So one of my primary goals is to be happy, and to stay happy.

I would like to have a few, close relations. Friends, family, maybe a partner. And of course, more important than anything else – my pets. My two beautiful cats and my crazy dog. But pets and people who love me and who I love back.

I would also love to feel that I am important. That who I am and what I do matters to someone else but me. At the moment, I am retired from work due to my bipolar disorder. I don’t want that to be the standard of my life, so I’d like to see that change somehow. Not sure of how yet, although I have some vague ideas of direction.

These, I believe, are the basics of what success means to me. There are many other things that I want from life, but when I think about it, these are the things that means the absolutely most. The rest can be considered a bonus (but make no mistake, they are coming to me too).

All right, then. Next thing to be done is a list of priority, I believe.


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