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My point of origin is the system of thought that is called the Secret (also known as Concious Creation).


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I have begun following couple of youtubers regarding the Secret, the law of attraction. There are actually quite a few things that I feel needs to be adressed and perhaps even critiqued when it comes to the Secret, and I will tell you why I believe so.

While I on the one hand agree with the fact that we are spiritual beings, that there is a reality beyond the one we can see, et cetera – one of the most important things I feel the Secret is lacking, is the reality check. Because no matter how spiritual we feel that we are, no matter how much we focus our thoughts on creating whatever we want to be in our lives – we still do live in a physical world. We still do have physical bodies that we need to take care of, within the boundaries and limits of the physical world.

I sometimes feel that the law of attraction focuses so hard on manifesting our thoughts and ideas, it somehow forgets that we live in a world of physical matter, which also has its own laws, boundaries and limitations.

Now, this doesn’t have to mean that the law of attraction doesn’t work. On the contrary. But I still do feel it needs to be remembered and taken into account. Forgetting that limits and boundaries actually are a good thing – namely the ability to give shape and form to anything, really. And at least for me, personally – I need limits and boundaries to function properly.

I also do feel that sometimes we need to remember that there is cause and effect. Not only our wish for something to happen. I don’t feel that this should be a stopper of any kind, but I do believe it should be remembered.

For me, personally, I think I am going to use this to create a balance between my spiritual self and the reality that I live in. Balance is the key word for me, both for my bipolarity, but also for what I intend to create for myself. I am way more than my physical body, but I am also way more than the abstract thought of myself and my reality.

Now, all this having been said, I intend to keep going on my journey of finding balance and creating a life for myself that I will enjoy to the absolutely fullest. I am actually very excited about this.

I just need to feel that I am finding myself in a position that feels good for me. I can’t do this the way other people do it – it needs to be done my way, for me. I am going to listen to and read stuff to learn new perspectives, but instead of buying them straight off, I intend to make them my own.


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