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My point of origin is the system of thought that is called the Secret (also known as Concious Creation).


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I wrote in a previous post that the beginning of my journey might be a bit wibbly-wobbly. This is true. One of the reasons for this is my lack of habit of keeping the state of mind necessary to have a steady flow of creating your life. But; as with everything else – practice gives skill, and I am getting there.

Once, many years ago, I was given the metaphore that life is like a road, and depending on how you feel, this road is this or that wide and steady. My life, my road, has always been thinner than a hair. Really an act of balance, rather than a pleasant journey.

Throughout the years, this thinner-than-a-hair-line has grown thicker. And to my surprise, I find that it is now a real road.

And this, peeps, is where I find the state of mind that I need to start creating my life the way I want it to be. When I am in this place, the feeling and state of mind comes quite naturally and automatically. Quite hilarious, actually.

Who’d have thought!? 😀

The feeling that I’m looking for is steadiness. Gratitude. A sense of being wide – it’s hard to explain, but to see that my road widens before me, that it exists all around me, not only behind me and in front of me. And that there is not only emptiness, but actual, physical things on that road.

Another way of describing it is – think of that fat cat displaying herself in a ray of sunlight, all content, purring herself silly. Maybe not the exact same feeling nor state of mind, but it still has a very similar ring to it, in my book.

No matter how one describes the state of mind – what’s important is that I find myself in it more and more often. I wouldn’t say it’s constant – yet, but I am getting there, and that’s good enough for me.


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